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High Puppy Birth & Adoption Season Now?

By January 13, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

There are two extremely busy seasons for bringing a new pet into your home for New Yorkers. Have you guessed when at least one of them is? Yes, it is the winter. And the next busy season? That would be the spring time. As the flowers bloom, so do our homes with the scent of new birth of puppies, kitties and of course our Aries rising babies.

Whether this phenomenon is as old as the human-dog bond or the person-pet inters-pecies cohabitation, that is yet to be determined.

It could be after so many chilly evenings in a home when Tivo and on-demand just doesn’t cut it anymore, or perhaps a void that only a pet could fill highlighted by the the winter months of hibernation, lower activity levels (indoors and outdoors) that makes for the perfect recipe for considering bringing a pet into your life.

This is just an interesting observation the New York Dog Nanny leaves up to those unofficial and official researches of social science, animal assisted therapy and of course the ever growing pet industry.


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