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Your four-legged friend if they are the apple of your eye is probably starting to accumulate as many things as a human child- from more clothing options for rain and snow, to multiple toys and treats with subscription services. They also contribute emotionally – they make you laugh and comfort you when you’re down. Being a dog parent is a joy, but it’s not without challenges. Pets parenting now comes with a lot of options almost- as many as for humans. Finding space for your things is hard enough, so how can you find room for a dog’s stuff too?

Keep Food Where They Eat

Many people think they should store all their pet’s supplies in one location. Keep your pet’s things close to where they use them. Use a pull-out cabinet to store kibble near feeding bowls. If you have a dog who likes to get into mischief, consider an elevated location to store food and treats. The top of the fridge or the top shelf of a pantry closet is an excellent place to stow items you can reach but your canine can’t. Place an extension ladder nearby so you can quickly grab what you need when it’s time to feed your furry family member.

Hang the Leash Near the Door

Don’t waste time searching for your pet’s leash when ready to run outside. Install a hook near the door to hang leashes and pet waste bags. Your pet isn’t the only one taking a walk, so keep your outdoor gear here too. An umbrella stand is great for catching any remaining water on your umbrella when rain impedes your daily walk. Place a bin nearby for hats and gloves for winter walks. When you are both ready to grab and go, you can enjoy the outdoors together without worrying that you forgot something.

Create a Pet Shower Caddy

Shower caddies aren’t just for college kids. With so much time spent outdoors, dogs need baths from time to time. Buy a shower caddy to tote around the house so you can easily pamper your pooch. Include items like dog shampoo, brushes and combs, spray conditioner and nail trimmers so your pup can stay fresh and clean.

Put a Dog Box in Your Trunk

If your buddy loves to take car rides with you, store a box in your trunk full of things they might need during your time out of the house. Bring entertaining toys, like tennis balls and frisbees, to keep your pooch busy. Travel containers for food and water often come equipped with travel bowls, too, so you always have a vessel to feed your pup. A couple of towels can dry off your dog on wet and muddy days. A roll of paper towels will come in handy for unexpected accidents and episodes of car sickness.

Stash Toys in an Open Bin

Your dog will have a lot of toys. Squeak toys, puzzle toys, tug of war ropes and plushies will litter your living room. Keep a basket away from the floor (unless it’s a herding dog) with an opening no higher than your dog’s head. Not only will it be easy for you to toss toys in the bin after a play session, but you may even be able to train your pet to put his toys away.

Create a File for Paperwork

Dogs require a lot of care. Visiting the vet often involves paperwork detailing your pet’s vaccination and health record. You may have a contract from your breeder, a dog license from your local municipality, or pet insurance policies. Keep track of your pup’s paperwork with their very own folder in your filing cabinet. If you’ve gone digital, scan all paperwork as you get it and create a folder on your computer solely for your dog’s important stuff.

Pets come with a lot of stuff, but that doesn’t mean they need to take over our homes. Keeping your dog’s things in convenient locations throughout your home can help you and Fido keep things tidy.

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