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California is known for its pleasant climates, depending on the city you choose. And when you’re from New York, NY, that can be tempting. But if you also have a pet, make sure you’re planning carefully by taking steps to make the move better for both of you.

Look for a Pet-friendly Home 

Whenever you look for a home, it’s important to write down a list of your needs and wants. This can help you with purchasing the right house for you without going over budget. On this list, include how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Consider the amount of property and the school district if you plan to have children or have them already.

Besides thinking about your needs and wants, also consider those of your pets. For example, is there a fenced-in yard with enough room to let your dog run? Does the house have enough room to place your pet’s favorite items, such as their scratching post? What about flooring? Does it have flooring that’ll be easy on your pet’s paws but won’t be destroyed easily?

Get Pet Insurance 

Pet insurance is specialized coverage for pet owners to lessen the cost of veterinary bills. Essentially, it’s health insurance for pets. If you purchase pet insurance before you move, you’ll have assurance that your pet’s medical expenses are at least partially covered if something should happen during the move or once you’re moved in. As you decide on a policy, consider the coverage level, premiums, and deductibles to ensure it’s a policy that’ll benefit you monetarily and that you can afford. Be sure to read the fine print since some policies only cover pets of certain ages. If you have furr babies to keep healthy, this is a must.

Keep in mind that during this time, your pet could experience anxiety or depression, and you may need a vet to intervene. Depending on where you’re moving, you may need to get their vaccines updated and have a health certificate.

Be There for Your Pet 

Emotionally, your dog or cat may be going through a lot right now. Change is difficult for some pets. Even if your pet doesn’t seem to have signs of distress, be there for them as much as possible. Keep your pet active by going to dog parks. In California, you could take your pooch out for a meal at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, which has locations in various cities. Alternatively, visit Pfeiffer Beach or Big Sur. You’ll need to keep your pet on a leash, but you can walk with them down the trails or beach. You may even opt to share a picnic meal with your dog there.

If you don’t mind, let your pet sleep in your bed for a few nights or throw them a few extra treats. Throughout this transition period, monitor your pet’s mood and behavior. If you notice any changes that could harm them, such as not drinking for days at a time, be sure to contact a veterinarian.

Reduce Moving-related Stress by Keeping Your Pet Safe 

When you’re moving from New York to a faraway location like California, it can be stressful for you and your pet. However, you can reduce that stress by planning and monitoring your pet. If you need assistance with training before the move, visit New York Dog Nanny.

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