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Relieving Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Do you ever wonder what your dog gets up to while you’re out at work? Do you suspect that your pooch has got separation anxiety but are unsure how to deal with it? New Yorkers are some of the hardest working in The States with workers racking up 49 hours each week. Understandably, a long working week like this takes its toll and limits the amount of time you get to spend with your dog. So, to come home and find your beloved furry friend has wrecked your property and is showing signs of separation anxiety, such as destructively chewing the furniture, is the last thing you want to see. Therefore, immediate action is required to prevent further damage to your house and to protect your dog’s welfare.

Get Your Dog Used to You Leaving

When you bring your new dog home for the first time, you’ll likely stay with him for a few days while you get him used to his new surroundings, the dos and don’ts of your home and to show him where he should and shouldn’t go to the toilet. But then it’s time to return to work and, just like that, you’re gone! Imagine how your new furry friend will be feeling as he realizes he’s home alone for the first time, not knowing when, or if, you’re going to return. Therefore, before you head out for an eight hour day at the office, take the time to get your dog used to you not being there. You can start in five-minute bursts, while you walk to end of the road and back and gradually increase this to longer stretches so your canine can get used to what happens when you leave and appreciate that you will return.

Take a Daily Walk

A good start to the morning is vital for anyone, and the same goes for your hound. Ensure you take your dog for a nice, long walk each morning before you leave him for the day. This will tire him out and encourage him to sleep when you return home rather than stress about your departure.

To break up your dog’s day it’s also worth getting a neighbor, friend, family member or dog nanny to pop in to spend some one to one time with your four-legged friend. This is also an opportunity for your hound to get some fresh air in the backyard and to take a trip to the bathroom. Hiring a professional dog walker can also be beneficial as you can be safe in the knowledge that a reputable and trusted individual will take your dog out for some much needed fresh air and a stretch of the legs.

Enroll in Doggie Daycare & Pet Sitting Services

A dog who can’t bear to be parted from its owners and is showing signs of separation anxiety is likely to significantly benefit from spending his days in a doggy daycare facility. These services are brilliant at getting your canine to socialize with other dogs and to increase their listening and obedience skills, due to the constant care from trained and qualified members of staff. Your pet will also enjoy around the clock interaction and stimulation while being able to rest his paws when he’s had enough. Half day daycare may fit your dog’s needs more than a full day of doggie daycare so be sure to shop around and see what dog nanny sitting service has what to off your NYC pooch.

Alternatively, a pet sitter could be hired to visit Fido during the day to provide some companionship and to give your pet some lunch and a fresh bowl of water. A visit in his own environment will really make your pooch’s day and he’ll look forward to his daily visit if you make it a regular occurrence. Dog daycare and pet sitting services are really beneficial for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety as it keeps them occupied, gives pets company and keeps their mind off their absent owners.

Provide Entertainment & Stimulation

Have you thought about leaving the television or radio on to keep your pet company during your absence? Research has shown that playing audiobooks to a dog as can purchasing a sound machine when home alone can reduce separation anxiety and lead to a happier pooch. You can also leave treat dispensing toys out for your hound to help himself to tasty goodies during the day. Some of these toys can be packed full of your dog’s favorite food and frozen overnight, which can provide hours of fun while you’re away.

Witnessing your beloved pet go through separation anxiety can be a treacherous experience for any dog owner. Therefore, doing all you can to ease the stress when you leave and to keep your pooch happy and feeling secure is essential.


This article was contributed by freelance writer Jane Wood.

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