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Kratom is an herbal substance that comes from a tree native to South Asian countries. These tree leaves were used in medicine for a long time and still get used by natives. Due to the development of the online market, anyone can easily find Kratom powder online for consumption.

However, the main question with Kratom is, is it safe? Moreover, even though you might not mind trying a newer substance, could it be safe to give to your dog?  If so, how safe? What are the risks? Downsides?  While there is not much research to back the safety of Kratom, let us explore what we know as of now.

The History and Usage of Kratom

As mentioned above, the usage of Kratom was prevalent long before it hit the commercial market. It means that natives, even decades or centuries ago, used Kratom leaves for its health benefits.

Many articles have covered the current behavior of use and reasons for the usage of Kratom in natives. An article explored why people turned to Kratom to discover that most users did so for their mental health. Whether it is fighting anxiety or even an opioid addiction, Kratom has many applications.

And even though there is very little research work on Kratom, there is even less research on the impact of Kratom on dogs or pets. Moreover, with all the controversy and mixed opinions surrounding it, you must find out if you could give it to your dog or not. Longitudinal research tells stories about the benefits and also warnings of the efficacy and safety for your pet.

Why is Kratom Beneficial?

You must be curious why people would even consider choosing something so foreign and unknown for their dog? There are many medicines in the market already, so what benefits does Kratom have that make it so attractive? Well, there are a few-

Pain Alleviation

Dogs often get bouts of pain due to occasional or chronic causes in their body. They suffer quite a lot because of such pain and cannot do anything in their power to deal with it.

Kratom is proven to provide pain relief and work incredibly in it. After consuming Kratom, it slowly lets your body relax and reduces pain in the body. So, the owner can provide the dog with medications that can help alleviate such pain and discomfort.

Anxiety Reduction

Another common problem in doggies is that they often face anxiety. The anxiety may be internal; however, mostly it is because of a noisy environment, unfamiliar people, or other causes. This anxiety is as saddening and harmful to the dog as it would be to us.  

Kratom has relaxing benefits and can effectively reduce anxiety, stress, depression, etc. It may also cure multiple other mental health issues. So it is essential to help fight it early on.

Appetite Stimulation

Kratom also can helps increase your dog’s appetite. If your dog eats less and has had trouble finishing its meals, Kratom may one way to help increase its appetite.

Why Might Kratom Be Unsafe for Dogs?

Kratom for dogs isn’t as common as you would think and has only been prevalent recently. With all the facts we know about Kratom already and all the research on Kratom, we can pinpoint some issues.

As for positive effects, there isn’t much significant proof of how harmful or lethal it is to most dogs. Death and injury has been reported s0 please do your due diligence by asking your vet, doing your research and doing what makes sense for your pet.  Much more research work will help clear the clouds of doubt away from the topic. 

But let’s cover some minor issues we already know of:

Kratom Might Have Side Effects

While being a natural product Kratom is safe to consume; there might be potential side effects too. The side effects are usually a result of inappropriate and inaccurate dosing, which we will discuss further. Here are some of the common side effects that your dog may face:

  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Higher Heart Rate
  • Twitching
  • Confused Mood
  • Seizures
  • Damage to the liver, kidney, etc.
  • Death

Again, we cannot say if these side effects will happen, but there is a slight risk.

There Is a Severe Lack of Research

Research about Kratom, in general, is sparse, and users have to search the internet extensively to find reliable articles. Since Kratom only got popular recently, no wonder there is such a lack of research.

Such research could also prove if Kratom is safe for your pets or dogs too. We could only hope for more research in the future to clear up the confusion regarding Kratom use for dogs.

The Perfect Dosing Is Murky

 The above side effects may come into effect if you give large doses of Kratom to your dog. Kratom is, after all, a substance that interacts with your opioid receptors. Thus it might come with harmful features.

Since Kratom does not have the ideal dosing mentioned, especially for dogs, it is hard to say how safe it will be. As a dog parent, you should give your dog small doses and never give larger green malay kratom dosage. Also be sure to check how fresh it is- as shelf-life may determine how it affects your pet.

What Can We Take Away from This?

Now that we have grasped the general idea of the benefits and potential side effects of Kratom for dogs- let’s discuss whether it is safe or not. Kratom is a natural substance and hardly goes through chemical processing. Its non-processed nature is why many people prefer it to traditional medication.

It is plausible for you to want the same for your dog too. If your dog suffers from chronic pain or anxiety, regular traditional medicines will come with multiple side effects. So Kratom becomes a relatively safer option for your dog.

But then again, it might have side effects, so it is best to be careful. What you can do is consult your dog’s veterinarian and discuss the use of Kratom. Also, if you want to give your dog Kratom, make sure you do so in small amounts at all times.


If you are a user of Kratom, you would be familiar with the benefits of the product. Moreover, if you are a dog lover, you would want to share those benefits with your lovely pet.

But before using Kratom, you must weigh out the benefits and harmful side effects. It is to analyze if Kratom is safe for dogs and will not harm your pet.

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