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Here are Some Tips on How to Help Them Adapt

If your pet dog has recently lost some or all of their vision, you might be feeling lost. You want to do what’s best for your dog, but it can be difficult to identify exactly what they need during this challenging time. It’s likely that you’re both feeling confused and scared, but the good news is that there are lots of ways you can help your blind pet navigate life.

Just because your pet has lost their vision doesn’t mean that they aren’t the same. They’ll still love all the same foods and activities, so make sure you’re still treating them with the same love and affection too. Websites like AllAboutVision have lots of helpful tips on caring for a blind dog, but here are just a few ways you can help them adjust:

Keep Things the Same

This might sound counterintuitive, but your pet will benefit from keeping the same routines they had before their blindness. This goes for your furniture too, as making big changes will mean your dog won’t recognise their surroundings and may be more likely to bump into tables and cabinets. Your dog will still be able to go on your regular walks, but you’ll need to keep them close on their lead. Adapting your daily activities without cutting them out completely can give your dog a sense of normalcy.

Use Your Voice

Your dog won’t be able to see you anymore, so it’s crucial to communicate with your voice. This might mean teaching them more commands like ‘Stop’ or ‘Wait’ or simply announcing your presence when you enter a room. Giving your dog a stroke or pat on the head more often can also reassure them that you’re close by.

Make Your Home Safe

There are lots of hazards in a normal home that could cause your pet to have an accident. These include things like ungated stairs, sharp corners and stray bags and boxes that should have been put away. Installing a child gate can help to prevent dogs from taking a tumble while any protruding corners should be covered up with something soft. You can remove these covers once your dog becomes more confident, but it’s best to keep obstacles like these out of their path as much as possible.

Don’t forget about your garden too. If you have any gaps in your fence or a gate that swings open, these could mean your dog will wander off and get lost. Invest in a quality fence to keep them safe and put away any tools when you’ve finished using them.

Sensory Toys

Because your dog will be relying on their other senses more, investing in toys made for blind pets could provide more enjoyment. Look for toys that have different textures or even dog-friendly smells and sounds so they can explore the world around them. Sometimes pets can withdraw from the world around them when they become blind and playtime can help to bring them back out of their shell.

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