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How Much to Pay a Dog Sitter

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Pet sitting can be a convenient way for pet owners to leave town knowing their dogs are in the hands of a familiar individual. Kenneling can be a stressful, unpleasant and impersonal experience for both dogs and their people. When determining how much to pay a pet sitter, consider the time length and range of responsibilities required.


Decide whether you prefer using a professional dog-sitting service or an individual. Professional services tend to be more expensive while neighbors, your children’s friends or fellow dog lovers often charge less– but possible less reliable.

Time Frame

Consider the length of time you will be gone. If a pet sitter will be solely responsible for your dog for just a weekend, this is obviously less intense than responsibility for a couple of weeks. The longer a pet-sitter is needed, the more possibility of a special circumstance occurring (such as an emergency or unexpected vet visit).


Take into account daily duties. Will the pet sitter stay overnight? Will they come to visit the dog once or twice a day? Will they be expected to administer medicine? How will they take the dog to the vet if needed? How often should the dog be walked? Any physical conditions to be aware of? The more time spent with the dog, the more money.


Bear in mind the amount of dogs they will be watching. More than one dog is a handful for one person.The more dogs means the more money you will likely spend.


Negotiate! Suggest a total to the prospective dog-sitter and make sure it is mutually agreed upon. A good base price (including feeding, watering, walking and play time with no overnight stay) is $15 to $30 per visit.


Be careful to whom you trust the care of your pets. Arrange a preliminary meeting between the pet-sitter and your dogs. Agree on a price beforehand, leave cash for miscellaneous dog expenses (ask for receipts) and pay in full upon return.

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