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How to Take Care of A Puppy

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If you are considering adding a puppy to your life, then you should read this article to learn some tips about how to take care of a puppy. The most important thing to remember is that puppies need lots of love and patience. To ensure your new puppy grows properly, be sure to give your puppy nutritious food and schedule regular veterinarian visits for vaccinations and check-ups. Working with your puppy to teach him proper obedience will establish the basis for good behavior as your puppy continues to grow. Plus, training can be fun for both you and your puppy.

If you have common sense, then you probably already know how to take care of a puppy. Good care starts with love and patience. Puppies are so cute and cuddly, how can it be hard not to love them unconditionally? How about when your puppy piddles on the floor, or chews on your favorite shoes (again)? Having realistic expectations for your puppy will help you be patient as you and your new puppy get to know each other. While it’s important to start training your dog from the beginning, you should remember that your puppy will not be fully housetrained for at least a couple weeks, sometimes longer depending on the breed.

Physical health is important for puppies, too. You should feed your puppy nutritious food that is developed with a puppy’s nutritional needs in mind. While more expensive good typically contains higher quality ingredients, it is not necessary to feed your puppy the most expensive food on the market. Puppies should visit a veterinarian at least several times during their first year. These visits will include check-ups and vaccinations. Your puppy may visit the vet more often if she gets sick, or if you decide to have her spayed.

Obedience training is a good idea for puppies and dogs. Learning commands such as “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Come” will help you and your puppy feel comfortable going out and being social, or having good behavior when company comes to visit. Your veterinarian will be able to give you specific tips for training your dog. There are also many classes available if you’d like advanced training; however, most dog owners are more than capable of teaching their dogs and puppies a wide range of commands and tricks.

Most people already know how to take care of a puppy, but would like some tips for good puppy care. Puppies need a lot of attention and the most important thing you can do for your puppy is to spend a lot of time with her. As a responsible pet owner, be sure to schedule regular visits with your veterinarian that include check-ups and vaccinations against dangerous viruses. Basic obedience training is a great way to establish good behavior with puppies, and also gives you an opportunity to bond with your new puppy.

If you feel your schedule is going to be hectic with working a full time job, always consider getting a dog nanny or dog walker to come in a minimum of twice a day to look after your pup!

This article was taken from and modified by New York Dog Nanny.


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