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The debate on whether dogs should sleep with people has long been contentious, with many people preferring to avoid the issue altogether. However, it’s worth remembering that dogs have their boundaries and need space, and it may not be a good idea to force your dog to share your bed. 

Here we look at the benefits of how a dog blanket can help mitigate some of these concerns for those who want to have the benefits of a sleeping in the same bed as their dog, but also doing it in a more hygienic way.

A dog blanket is a great accessory for your canine companion. It is easy to wash and can be both functional and stylish. Some blankets are even waterproof and double-layered for extra warmth. You can also buy them in multiple sizes. You can also purchase them as a set with a pillow and a dog bed.

The type of material used in a dog blanket should be chosen carefully. It should fit your dog’s breed, skin color, and fur type. You don’t want a soft and fluffy blanket that will make your pup sweat. You don’t want to choose a blanket that is too thick or uncomfortable for your pet.

Here are some reasons you should not let your dog sleep with you 

Depending on your dog’s personality, it may not be a good idea to sleep with your pet. Some dogs are too aggressive or maybe uncomfortable with being near humans.   If you have an aggressive dog, he might bite you if you roll over in bed. You also need to ensure that your pet understands that the mattress is not a play area. Other pets are not a good choice for this situation either.

If your dog is a demanding boss, you might not want to try this option. What makes up a demanding boss aka pack leader is: food guarding, resource guarding, counter surfing, biting or nipping at children or strangers, demanding treats or attention by intimidation (whining, barking, clawing or defecating).  Moreover, allowing your pet to sleep near you can be dangerous if he’s sick or injured.

Another reason why you shouldn’t sleep with your dog is the temperature. Big dogs are generally warmer than humans. If you’re not a fan of sleeping warm, your dog may not be a good choice. So, if you’re prone to apprehensions and snoring during the night, don’t let your dog snuggle with you. And if you like the smell of the sheets, don’t leave your dog alone in your room because it can make it feel uncomfortable.

A dog blanket can be a good way to let your dog know where he/she can sleep on the bed or the couch!  It can be used to protect your car or furniture from stains and messes. Using a dog blanket is also an ideal way to keep your furniture clean, safe and scratch free (in case your dog likes to dig on your couch or bed). You can find many different types of pet-friendly throws and pillows, but a blanket made from fleece or flannel is the most durable and softest. Look for materials that are easy to wash and are waterproof.

The proximity between two animals may cause a problem with zoonotic diseases, so make sure you have your pet’s health history in mind. They may have allergies or asthma, so they shouldn’t share the bed with you- in this case a dog blanket can help be a barrier between you two to help manage this if your dog is a burrower (think short haired smaller dogs like pug-mixes and short haired daschunds).  It’s best to be careful about the health of your dog. It might be more susceptible to some diseases than others.

While sleeping with your dog is a great way to help your dog adjust to sleeping away from its owner, it can be risky.

Aside from being more comfortable, sleeping with your dog is also healthier and safer for your dog.  The cons of having a dog sleep with you include the fact that it can limit your sleeping position. They should also be safe from zoonotic diseases. If your pet is prone to allergies, consider whether he should sleep with you. If you’re happy with your pet’s proximity, it will be safe for you and your dog.

Some dogs can’t sleep with you. They may be afraid of the bed, but they should always stay close by your side. It is also essential for the safety of your dog. You should be aware of the risk of being bitten by your dog. While many people would prefer to sleep with their pets, dogs are not safe for all kinds of people. 

The benefits of a dog sleeping with you: 

Besides adding to your comfort, sleeping with your dog can also help combat loneliness. Not only do dogs bring warmth and convenience to your bed, but they also help you to relax. They also add a cozy atmosphere and make you feel safe. You can rest peacefully knowing that your dog is next to you.

While co-sleeping with a dog is a great way to bond with your pet.  Studies have shown that dogs who sleep with humans tend to have stronger bonds with their owners.  Dogs who sleep with their owners tend to experience more trust and intimacy than their human counterparts. They also benefit from increased dopamine and oxytocin, the “feel-good” hormones. However, experts have traditionally said no to sharing their beds with pets, but the benefits are clear.

Is it safe for a child & dog to co-sleep?

Sleeping with a dog is not safe for small children. It can cause suffocation and can cause injury. For dogs, it is safe to sleep in any place except the bed. However, if your child fears sleeping alone, it is essential to avoid allowing your puppy to sleep on the same bed as you.

The Right Dog Bed For Your Dog

The Right Size as well as right Type Of Dog Bed For Your Dog is crucial if you want it to be comfortable. The right size and shape are also essential. A small bed is perfect for a young puppy or a large dog. You can get a mattress that fits your dog’s size and weight without too much trouble. Some dog beds are more suitable for large dogs than smaller ones. A small bed is better for small dogs.

The smallest ones are ideal for toys and miniature breeds. They should not hang over the edge of the bed. A washable bed is also an important consideration. Your dog will be lying on the bed for several hours every day, and it must be comfortable and easy to clean. A washable cover is a must for larger dogs, especially those with allergies.

When shopping for a dog bed, consider your dog’s size and comfort level. Most small and toy breeds prefer a snug, snuggle bed that’s perfect for them. If you have a pit bull or boxer mix, you’ll want to purchase a bed that’s comfortable for both of them. You can also check whether the cover is washable or not. Ensure that the mattress is washable to avoid stains.

The Pros of Dog Sleeping With You

Enjoy the benefits of having a pet, you may be wondering if it’s okay to let your dog sleep with you at night. Many people swear that sleeping with their pets makes them feel more at peace and content.

In addition, they’re often much warmer than human beings, making them an inviting cuddle target. Although dogs don’t mind their morning breath, they’re not the healthiest sleep partners.

A study conducted by Cary Brown, a professor of rehabilitation medicine at the University of Alberta, found that people who like to slept with their pets had a higher level of wellbeing and countered the feelings of isolation associated with chronic diseases.

Despite the possible risks involved, there are many benefits to sharing your bed with your dog.

It can improve your mood, and even make you feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

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