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Living in a small space with pets can be a challenge. You want to be sure your furry friend is stimulated, has enough room, and doesn’t destroy the furniture. It’s also important to find ways to keep your home smelling fresh. All of this can be accomplished. It simply requires some planning and know-how. Check out these tips for anyone living in a studio apartment with pets.

1. Keep Your Pet’s Personality in Mind

Challenges of living with pets in a small space vary, depending on the type of pet and its unique personality. If you already own a fur baby, you’ll need to address the environment according to their particular needs. For instance, if you are a dog parent and your buddy is full of energy, you’ll want to incorporate a larger play area in your home or plan to take more frequent walks. If you’re just now considering a pet for your tiny apartment, it’s best to choose one that might be more comfortable in a limited area. A laid-back and mellow pet is probably your best bet, and you might not want to opt for the largest dog breed available.

2. Provide Plenty of Stimulation

As noted above, there are some pet breeds that need lots of exercises to be happy. If you’re the owner of such an animal, you’ll want to be sure to find ways to provide the type of physical activity your pet requires. Be sure to schedule playtime, as well as plenty of outdoor exercises. Pet parents who work a lot may want to hire a pet sitter to take their puppy for a walk and play with them. Even if you have a rather calm animal in the home or one who doesn’t go outside, you may still need to provide some stimulation for your pet. Take cats. They like to play and climb. Having cat toys at their disposal and at least one cat tree where they can look out the window can go far to keeping your cat happy and entertained. Bored and sat pets can be destructive; they’re prone to chew or claw things like walls and furniture.

3. Try for First Floor Living

If you have a dog in a studio apartment, you might want to try to get a first-floor apartment if it’s possible. You’ll be glad you did when Fido has to go out in the middle of the night. Dealing with stairs or the elevator can be a real hassle. Also, living on the first floor means your pets won’t disturb the neighbors below with their running or jumping.

4. Groom Your Pet Regularly

Pet smells are inevitable. However, they can become overpowering in a tight space. Taking good care of your pet’s hygiene can keep odors to a minimum. Be sure to bathe them regularly and brush their teeth. Clean up any accidents that occur right away. Keep up with veterinary and grooming appointments, and be sure to follow any advice these professionals give you. For example, a high-quality diet can ensure your pet’s fur is healthier and their waste is less offensive to the nose.

5. Establish Bathroom Routines

Having a regular bathroom routine is essential if you have a dog. You’ll want to take them out at regular intervals throughout the day when possible, and it’s best to have a regular potty area. For cats, privacy matters. If you can, put the litter box in an area away from high traffic. There are many types of litter boxes. You may need to try different ones to determine which works best for your kitty, the environment, and your lifestyle. A covered box keeps down litter mess and odor.

6. Provide Your Pet Their Own Spot

Many pets enjoy having a special place that’s all their own. Again, this may require trial and error. Experiment with things like pet beds on the floor or a blanket on the couch near where you sit. Your pet will feel calmer having a place to chill out. Plus, it can make cleaning up fur much easier.

Keep these tips in mind when living in a studio apartment with pets. It is possible for everyone to be content in tight quarters. It simply requires some care and planning.

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