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The Maltese is a toy breed (with their under 7 pounds stature) and often sport a white, flowing coat that allows owners to get creative with their haircuts and updo. In fact, the Internet is filled with pictures of cute Maltese dogs with their top knot and bow.  

Loyal & Smart

The Maltese is a tiny dog with fabulous fur, and a great personality (they’re always in the top 20 most popular breeds). Most owners will agree they are great for first-time dog owners due to their sweet personality, but they’re also smart and playful. 

These tiny furballs are extremely loyal and love to be in their owner’s company regardless of the setting. They store lots of love in their tiny hearts and suffer if left alone for too long. Plus, they’re prone to separation anxiety. 

Extremely Friendly

This dog breed loves to make friends so they will go to other dogs and people to get to know them better. The Maltese is a fantastic dog for socially shy owners who want to make new connections but don’t know how. 

Due to their fierce loyalty and friendly disposition, the Maltese also make for a great emotional support dog. Plus, they’re small and easy to carry around wherever you go. 

Quite Energetic

This tiny pup stores serious amounts of energy, but they can easily burn through it by simply running circles in the house. So, they fit even owners who can’t go out for walks too often. However, keep in mind that they’re vocal. If you live in an apartment building, this feature may pose some difficulties. Still, they can be taught when it’s appropriate to bark through training. 

Generally Healthy

This breed is considered healthy, but if you work with a dog breeder, make sure they screen for heart anomalies or luxating patella (the two most common conditions in Maltese dogs). It’s also a good idea to take them to a vet you trust for an exam, to make sure your new furry friend is healthy. 

Of course, you should also learn how to maintain your dog’s well-being and health with proper food, care, and training. 

They are Fearless

This dog has no idea how tiny he/she is, so you have to be on constant alert when you take them outside. The Maltese is so friendly and curious that they’ll walk straight to a skunk, coyote, or snake and try to make friends with it. 

Grooming is Important

Since they have a long shiny coat, your fur baby will come back to the house with leaves, dirt, and even twigs tangled in their hair. That’s why many owners prefer to give them a short haircut in an attempt to reduce the debris that can create knots and mats. 

Still, a Maltese needs to be brushed daily (short or long coat) and you have to be in good relations with a professional groomer for trims and baths. That beautiful coat comes with some sacrifice, but it’s worth it in the end. These tiny and playful dogs are gorgeous in pictures!

They are Lap Dogs

This cute fur baby will stick to you like glue! They love sitting in your lap, and when this is not available, they’ll find a way to be in your close vicinity. That’s why they are perfect for people who work from home or have the possibility of taking their dog to the office or traveling. 

They are also great with kids and love to exercise, so it’s easy to integrate them into the family. 

Overall, the Maltese breed is a synonym with overload cuteness and friendliness. These tiny pooches will make your life better and will always find something fun to do while keeping you company!

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