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With the onset of summer, it is important for every owner to know how to protect the dog in the heat. Many animals are very difficult to tolerate exposure to the scorching sun. Overheating can be dangerous for your dog, so you need to be especially careful on hot days.

Walk under the open sun

In hot weather, walking should ideally be delayed until late afternoon or early morning. Avoid taking long walks and being in the open sun if the air temperature is higher than 30 degrees. In addition to the fact that the dog might have heat stroke, scorching pavement could cause paw burn. If you do not have the opportunity to change your walking schedule, then choose squares and parks that are densely planted with trees so that you have the opportunity to walk in the shade most of the time. Be sure to take water for a walk to water your pet.

Leave in the car

All dog breeders need to learn the most important rule: in no case should you leave your dog in the vehicle in the heat. In the open sun, the inside of the automobile transforms into a greenhouse; simply a few minutes might result in a dog’s death. A half-open window will not help your pet left in a hot car. Just a few minutes of being in the car can lead to tragic consequences. Make careful to bring your pet with you if you stop at a gas station even for a few minutes.

Especially if you have rented an expensive car from a rental shop. Even in the cabin of a rented Mercedes G class, the dog will feel in a heated cage, since the air conditioner cannot work when the engine is turned off. Even in a rented Mercedes G class.

Cut the dog’s hair

Wool protects the dog from direct sunlight and overheating. If you cut your pet short, you put it at greater risk of burns and heat stroke. The undercoat retains heat, some dog breeders think that by pouring water on the dog, you can help it in the heat, but this will only harm you: the heat will begin to evaporate and you will get a water bath. In the heat, it is enough to comb out the undercoat more often and moisten the paws and nose with cool water.

Leaving your dog at home without fresh air

If you leave your dog in the apartment during hot weather, make sure to provide it with fresh air. Leave the windows ajar, while remembering that if you leave open the doors of the balcony, where the windows are wide open, make sure that the dog cannot enter there. Do not lock interior doors. If the apartment is in the sun most of the day, cover the curtains so that the sun’s rays do not heat the apartment. You can leave a damp towel on the floor for the dog to lie on. If you have air conditioning, do not direct the cold air at the pet, adjust the temperature so that the apartment is not too cold, otherwise the dog may catch a cold.

Don’t change the water in the bowl

On hot days, the pet will consume more water. Therefore, you need to ensure that there is always fresh water in the bowl. In the heat, the dog’s body quickly loses fluid, it is important to regularly change the water so that it does not stagnate. Make sure the bowl is always full. You can also add a few ice cubes to the bowl of water to help keep the water cool. If you go for a walk, do not forget to take water with you to water your pet.


On hot days, pay more attention to the condition of the pet. Protect your dog from the scorching sun and high loads, regularly give it cool water and try to shift the schedule of walks. By following these simple rules, you will help your pet easily endure the heat.

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