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When it comes to owning a puppy, it all comes down to personality. When you consider owning a puppy, then it will be important to consider the breed and not just go with the first one you see. You should be researching to ensure that its personality is suitable for children. You can find this out by asking the breeder about the breed and its compatibility.

Keep Your Living Space in Mind

Before you choose a puppy, you need to keep in mind the living space that you live in. Do you have a home with a lot of space for them to run or do you rent an apartment and have limited space? Is your lifestyle busy or laid back? Besides your own home, it is good to check out the neighborhood and see what type of breeds already exist in the area. When you live in an apartment, you may want to stick to a small breed.

Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind


Make sure that your lifestyle has time for a puppy. Are you away from home a lot or work a lot? Do you work from home? When your lifestyle is active, then having a breed that is always active will be perfect. Add a terrier pup or other active breed that will enjoy going out with you. When you enjoy most of your free time at home, then a breed with a mellow temperament will work well.

Why Do You Want a Puppy?

When you are deciding to have a puppy, you need to think about the reasons why you want a puppy. Will it be a source for companionship or to ensure your home is secured? Make sure that you know what the reason is and that the pup will provide what you are hoping for.

Choosing an Adult Dog or a Puppy

When you choose your dog, their age should also be considered. Many times a dog is adopted when it is a puppy so that the owner can bond with it as it grows. With a pup, it will take a lot of work and training. You will also need to ensure that you have the patience when your puppy is getting in trouble.

When your dog is older, they will likely be housebroken and potty trained. They will also be past the years of being destructive and chewing on everything. The only exception will be if the dog is affected by a traumatic event that occurred at a younger age. You can still expect an older dog to build a lasting bond with you.

Deciding on the Breed

Now that you know what type of personality you wish your pup to have, you need to investigate the breed that will have the same characteristics. You can easily do a search online for providers that can help connect you with the perfect pup. If anything, you may want to choose from a certain breed. You need to ensure that the breed will be able to provide what you need, so if you need your dog to do a lot of work, then they will have a lot of intelligence and will enjoy working with you and will not have any problem being trained.

Selecting a Mixed Breed or Purebred

Although there will always be an opportunity to obtain a purebred puppy that is in search of a good home, the same can be said for mixed breeds. You may think that a mixed breed would have a more difficult temperament to figure out than a purebred, but if you understand both breeds, then you will be able to handle them a lot better because of the traits being balanced. Having a mixed breed may allow you to enjoy a personality that is more relaxed and not as extreme as a purebred can be. Plus, if you have a breed that is mixed, then the likelihood of defects will be a lot less. These defects will be caused by overbreeding. If your mixed breed or purebred dog is coming from a shelter, ensure to advise the shelter of the type of personality you want the dog to have.

Selecting the best puppy does not always need to be difficult. In fact, it may just come down to selecting the right type of personality. However, if you are looking for a specific breed, it is a good idea to do your homework first. When you do, you will have the perfect match and you and your dog will enjoy many years together.

Written by Sierra Davis PR Specialist for Puppy Connector


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