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It is probably fair to say that we are all looking to get into better shape. If you are a dog owner, owning your dog and getting in shape can often be a match made in heaven. The trick is to find workouts that fit well for you and your dog.

Today more than ever, people are trying to figure out new and unique ways to get into better shape. While you can spend endless time figuring out which supplements to take, like micronized creatine monohydrate or which energy drink to consume, the type of workout you do is just as important. Having your dog along for the workout will make the experience more pleasurable for both of you.

1. An Obstacle Course for the Whole Family

For any dog owner that has ever watched a dog show, you’ve probably seen dogs running through an agility course. The great thing about these courses is that they are simple to build and maintain.

Why not put together something like this in your own backyard. Build it in such a way that is a challenge for both you and your furry friend.

2. Playing Frisbee With a Twist

If you own a dog, chances are you have played fetch with your dog at least once. While this is an excellent workout for the dog, it is not much of a workout for you.

Change it up a bit and race your dog to catch the frisbee. Give the frisbee a nice high toss, and then you both sprint to try and catch the frisbee.

3. Take a Dip With Your Dog

There is something about swimming that is beneficial for both humans and canines. Swimming is a great cardiovascular workout for both of you. The added bonus is that it is very easy on the muscles and joints for both humans and dogs alike.

If you have a pool in your backyard, that is a great place to start. If you do not have a pool, try to find a body of water like a lake or an ocean where both you and your dog will be welcome.

4. Dog Wall Sitting

If you want to strengthen your core, this is a great workout. Place your back against the wall, and then put your upper legs parallel to the ground. Think of this as sitting against a wall.

Now, if you have a small dog, hold them while doing this to add some extra weight to the work. If you have a larger dog, have the dog put their paws up on your thighs to add some resistance to the workout.

5. Push-Ups With Your Pup

There may be a limit to this workout depending on the size and weight of your dog, but go ahead and give it a try no matter what. Lay face down on the ground and have your dog walk up onto your back.

Once the dog is there, start trying to do push-ups. Not only is the added weight going to make this a much more formidable challenge, but the fact that the dog will be moving around will make it more difficult for you to remain stable during the workout. This workout will create an upper body and core challenge you cannot believe.

6. Make Your Pooch Your Tennis Partner

Plenty of tennis players have spent their time trying to hone their serve. The problem is that they often don’t have someone to return the ball back to them.

A great solution for dog owners is to turn this into a game of fetch for them and a game of tennis for you. Take your best serve and then let your dog run after the ball and bring it back to you.


Chances are if you have a dog, they already love to get plenty of exercise. Why not fit them into your workout routine to make your time working out a joy and a benefit for both of you.

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