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Can we say CUTE? This little pup will have you wanting to pat its adorable tush that looks like a teddy bear, thanks to the tiny, wiggling nub that is their tail. Corgis and Australian Shepherds both have no tail.

This makes them look very much like adorable little teddy bears. Pet blogish has information on both parent breeds and photos to see those cute little fuzzy butts.


Getting to the Facts


Both breeds are herding dogs, so their offspring will have strong desires to herd things, which might be the toddler or other members of your fur family. Not everyone is going to enjoy this and you’ll want to work with your herding puppy to ensure that they understand that not all herding instincts are fun or acceptable.


Nipping, for example, comes to them quite naturally but is not fun to humans. It takes a lot of work to teach herding dogs not to herd. It’s downright difficult to ask them not to do what they were born to do. Sometimes it means teaching them new ways to use all that energy, of which they have oodles and oodles.


Certainly, they are intelligent and capable of learning a ton of great tricks and new things to do. They are wonderful pets when you take the time to work with them. Here are some amazing facts about Corgi Australian shepherd mix dogs.


  •     They are superior in intelligence. For some reason, herding dogs are really smart. This is probably because they often have to make split-second decisions while guarding their flocks and herds. They are a working dog and a working dog has gotta have a good brain. They’re blessed with parents that are both well-known for intelligence.


  •     They are usually a medium-sized dog, sturdy, with a thick coat of fur. Don’t clip their coat. It’s designed to insulate them from heat and keeps sharp thorns from penetrating to their skin as they are doing their jobs.


  •     Corgi-Australian Shepherd mixes really need a job to do. They have an abundance of energy that needs to be worked off. If they don’t have an outlet for all the energy that they have, they can become diggers, chewers, barkers, and chasers. The key to owning one of these dogs is to find creative ways of exercising them to the point of exhaustion. Then you’ll both be happy.


  •     The color of this mix can be anything from sable, black, blue merle, red merle, black tri-color, red tri-color, and even other mixtures of the colors mentioned. They will often be a merle if the Australian Shepherd parent carries the merle gene.


  •     Don’t ever breed one merle dog to another merle dog. This creates a double-merle genetic nightmare that often results in dogs that are blind, deaf, or both. It’s a terrible situation that can be avoided completely by leaving the breeding to the experts who know what they’re doing.


  •     This mix is a healthy dog for the most part because they are the best of two parents that both tend to be really healthy breeds as their basis for genes. By combining both breeds, the gene pool is enlarged, lowering the odds of a poor genetic outcome. This leads to a dog that will likely live to be between 12 and 16 years of age.


  •     The Corgi-Aussie mix is a happy dog and can often be caught smiling. They portray sheer exuberance when they are physically active and seem to truly enjoy living in each moment. They’ll love your family and smile with you, always ready to share in the jokes and fun.


  •     This is a highly trainable dog that enjoys learning and showing off their skills. They make great agility dogs, frisbee dogs, trail companions, and livestock keepers. They’ll be happy in a place that affords them the space to run and play, get dirty and work.


  •     The Corgi-Aussie loves to stay busy and be in your company. They are happiest when they are with you, even in the car, enjoying the window down and the breeze blowing their tongue sideways as they inhale the world as it blows by them. Don’t be insulted when they claim the shotgun seat every single time. It’s their favorite place.


  •     They can come across as stubborn sometimes, mostly because of their take-charge attitude. This is simply their breeding. When they see something that needs to be done, they just jump in and do it.


They make an excellent companion that will give you years of joy. You can’t go wrong with the Corgi-Australian Shepherd mix. Make sure that you feed them a good diet that is high in protein if they are a working dog. Adjust their diet accordingly for the amount of exercise that they are getting each day. If your puppy is getting into things, acting stir crazy, and not being well-behaved, it’s likely not enough exercise. They do love to be busy.
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