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For pet parents, dog fleas is not something new. These are parasites feeding on the blood of your furry companion, making your pup ill. These critters are a nuisance to your pets and your home and have no definite time for intruding your house. Then, you need to stay protected and eliminate them to keep your pooch and family safe. No matter how protected you stay, dog fleas enter your home, stick to your pet’s coat, as well as infest your living space.

It cites that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that fleas or ticks are present in all the states of America. So you realize the importance of dog flea treatment to get rid of these critters. Here is how:

1. Look for flea control products

The moment you realize that fleas or ticks have infested your home and feeding on your four-legged buddy, you need to think of keeping these critters at bay. Look for flea products that you will easily find in the market to help you eliminate the parasites from your living space. Choose the best dog flea medicines or products including pills, topical meds, flea collars, and more. However, ensure you do not apply flea meds on your pooch, which have allergic reactions or have other hazardous side effects.

2. Deep clean and sanitize your home

When you have dealt with the pet flea problem, it is high time that you shift your attention to keeping your home clean and sanitized. Fleas or ticks could infest your entire property including rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and backyard, and therefore, it is essential to deep clean your house so that fleas do not infest and attack your pooch again. If you have any doubts as to how to keep your pets safe, visit websites like Kea at or similar ones.

First things first, vacuum every part of your house, leaving no nook, corner, and crevices. Once you are through with the vacuuming, use an anti-flea spray. Make sure that you thoroughly wash all items such as bedspreads, pillows, throws, carpets, and rugs. These are the places where dog flea breeds and infests your home.

3. Mow your lawn or backyard regularly

When you have a backyard or front lawn, mow it periodically because these are the places where your pooch could get infected with flea or tick. Your pup loves to play in the lawn, and that is how they become susceptible to fleas. Therefore, mow your yard or lawn to ensure that the high-blade grass is trimmed short. This way, it would make it difficult for the critters to hide. Remember that your backyard or lawn is also an extension of your home, and so should not be ignored.

Even though lawn mowing is something, you keep postponing, but when fleas are feeding on your furry friend, you cannot procrastinate mowing your yard or lawn.

4.  Bug and Tick Medications

There are a few prescriptions and sedated items that forestall bug pervasions on your pooch.

You’re presumably acquainted with the spot-on topical medicines that you get from the vet and apply to your pooch’s back for month to month help. These are normally viable, however some canine proprietors are worried about potential symptoms.

There are additionally sedated powders that give week by week insurance and shampoos that are just viable for about a day. Certain drugs are likewise accessible in pill shape and can give month to month security.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple juice vinegar can be utilized as a protection insect treatment in a few different ways. While it doesn’t really murder bugs, it can repulse them and make them bounce off your canine.

One approach to utilize apple juice vinegar as a protection treatment is by adding it to your canine’s drinking water. Just do this after you’ve talked about with your vet.

You should include it in the measure of one teaspoon for each quart of water, however a few mutts may disdain the taste. On the off chance that that is the situation, you might need to begin with a lower sum and acquaint all the more bit by bit with permit your pooch to adapt to it.

Ensure that your veterinarian is your essential hotspot for data about bug meds, not the Internet.

• There are numerous Internet bits of gossip about how to control insects, and some of them are undependable.

• Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) and garlic (Allium sativum) are regularly prescribed to treat or forestall insects, however can cause genuine and possibly dangerous signs in pets, contingent upon how they are utilized.

• If you need to utilize elective insect control or anticipation, ensure that you talk with your vet first to perceive what they prescribe and how to utilize it most adequately.


Remember these useful tips to get rid of fleas from your home. Keep your pooch healthy and safe.

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