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5 Dog Breeds For Introverts

Man’s best friend comes in many sizes, shapes, colors and with different character traits. Just as not every person is outgoing and the life of the party, some dogs also like to keep to themselves. If you are an introvert, a Golden Retriever who wants to say hi to everyone along his path might not be the best dog breed for you.

Here are 5 dog breeds for introverts who will happily stay home and curl up with their introvert owner:

Pyrenean Shepherd

These small and quirky herding dogs originally came from the French Alps. They are very popular in Europe, and are starting to become more prevalent in North America as well. Bred to herd lifestock with no one other than their handler around, they are absolute one-person dogs and do not welcome being approached by strangers. You won’t see a Pyrenean Shepherd soliciting pets from people at the park. Often these dogs are so focused on their owners that they even take a while to warm up to close friends and family members.

They are fiercely loyal and won’t leave your side once they decide you are “their person”.

Chinese Crested

These little dogs were bred to be lap dogs and companions, and this is what they can do best. They come in two varieties: The well known “naked” one (called Hairless) and a lesser known very fluffy one (named “Powderpuff”). Chinese Cresteds bond very closely with their owner and want nothing more than to spend the day sleeping on their lap or walking right by their side. They tend to not want to play too much with other dogs or seek out the attention of other people. For them, nothing is as fun as spending time with their owner and no one else.


Salukis are one of the oldest dog breeds. Once bred to hunt rabbits, they now are known for their gentle nature, unusual looks and love of sleeping. Like all sighthounds, Salukis are happy to snooze the day away in a warm and sunny spot without requiring much exercise. A quick walk and romp around the park is enough for a Saluki, before he is ready to curl up in a cozy dog bed next to his owner again.

Salukis keep to themselves and won’t try to make friends with strangers. They are very docile and don’t get into trouble a lot.

Italian Greyhound

If you like the temperament of the Saluki, but don’t have a lot of space in your apartment, his cousin the Italian Greyhound might be a good match. Small, dainty and with a sweet disposition, these little dogs are a perfect breed for introverts. They do not like cold and wet weather and may only want to go out for short potty walks during the winter. In the summer they enjoy some longer strolls, but are just as happy to snuggle up once back inside. Italian Greyhounds love to sit on their owner’s lap and be around their family. They are not known to go up to other people or dogs when out and about.


This Chinese dog breed is becoming more and more popular. The Pekingese is a small dog with a beautiful coat. His name refers to his fur and means “Lion Dog”, but his character could not be further from this. Docile and strongly bonded to his owner, the Pekingese loves nothing as much as being with his person. Pekingese require very little exercise and in fact should not be subjected to too heavy activity, which makes them a perfect breed for seniors or anyone who does not want to go for several long walks every day. A Pekingese won’t pull on leash a lot. He is the most content in his owner’s lap and does not need many doggy friends to be happy.

Whichever breed you choose, make sure to inform yourself about their character traits and training needs before purchasing a puppy. It is important to realize that no two dogs are the same and even within a breed there can be quite a variety of temperament. The best way to predict your puppy’s exact character is to ask the breeder about the character of the parents, as this is usually a very good predictor of how your puppy will turn out.

This blog was contributed by Steffi Trott. If you would like to submit a blog please email

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