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Being one of the most favorite pet dogs of humans, Frenchies dogs are very popular. There are people who wish to pet them but aren’t aware of the few basic facts about these dogs. While keeping them in your home, an individual must know about their characteristics and interesting attributes. Frenchies dogs are not just pet dogs but can be the best friends of human beings. So here are some of the interesting facts that you must read about Frenchies dogs:


Frenchies Are Fashionistas

It would be very strange for you to know that Frenchies dogs have a keen interest in looking fashionable and elegant. You should read about Frenchies to keep them safe and secure at your home. They are dogs with good fashion sense and often like to look stylish with different kinds of dog accessories and attractive colorful clothes. So if you’re planning to have Frenchies, make sure you keep them entertained with appealing clothes and trendy looks.  

Their Origin Isn’t From France


Though they are being called Frenchies, the origin of these dogs is not French. Yes, though it is strange but true that Frenchies do not originate from France. Their origin is English and they are of British breed. Their origin place in Nottingham to be precise. 

They Make Amazing Babysitters



You would be surprised to know that kids can be the best friends of Frenchies. These dogs love to be around kids and can make your job of handling the kids very easy. They will keep your kids entertained with their high energy and play with them throughout the day. You can be carefree when your kids are with French dogs as they never harm kids and like them very much.

They’re Highly Sensitive To Criticism



Frenchies dogs don’t like to be compared with anyone. They have their own self-esteem which they can’t tolerate getting hurt. Whenever you criticize them, they would probably give a negative response and become upset. On the other hand, that shows a quick response to positive comments. Good comments like you are brave, I am proud of you, etc., motivates them and builds their self-confidence. So make sure when you are having a Frenchies at your place, you don’t criticize them, instead, appreciate them as much as possible.



Most Frenchies Can’t Swim



Frenchies dogs have heavy bones and high muscle density. This is the reason why they often sink into the water. If you are planning to take your dog to a swimming site to have fun, then Frenchies are not meant for that. They can’t swim and sink deeply into the water. Therefore, it is always advisable to not take Frenchies near the poolside or any other water body. 

They Have A Strict Weight Limit



French dogs might look big and muscular but it should be kept in mind that they can’t become obese. A male Frenchies can have a weight of up to 28 pounds whereas a female Frenchies can gain weight up to 12 pounds. Frenchies dogs usually like eating and are fond of good food. That is why there are high chances that they get obese. So, if you have a French dog, make sure he or she does not exceed the upper limit of weight, otherwise, these dogs might feel lethargic and dull. 

These were some of the most interesting facts about the little Frenchies dogs which were must to be read about Frenchies. These dogs are really great to get pets at home but there are a few things that must be considered before getting them home. Hence, if you wish to have a puppy at home, then buying Frenchies wouldn’t make a bad deal for you. 

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