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“Can my dog get into the pool?”- this question has been asked by the dog owner most of the time when they want to have a pool in the backyard.

Jumping into the water directly is not a smart choice for both humans and pets. Most of the time, the owner lets the dog jump into the pool directly, which is dangerous for their bones and joints. And, if your dog has any mobility issues like weak legs, arthritis, or joint issues, you need to think about dog stairs or a ramp.

What are dog stairs and a ramp?

Dog stairs and ramps are made for senior dogs with arthritis or small breeds with small feet. These stairs and ramps are friendly to your four-legged friend. Most of the time, According to the veterinarians, letting your dog jump from one place to another is the first mistake that you will make as a dog owner. These jumps will make the reasons for torn ligaments, spine fracture, etc.

Dog ramps or stairs are the best options to carry your friend from one place to another. Using a stair or ramp will decrease muscle tension as well.

Are stairs or a ramp better for dogs?

According to the experts, most pool accidents happen to dogs when they want to jump directly into the pool. Either they got injured or tore their joint ligaments. Considering a ramp or a stair will be the right choice to avoid these situations. On the other hand, some dogs can’t get into the pool due to their breed.

There is always a debate between stairs and ramps when you have to choose for your dogs. Both of their functions are similar, and that is to export or import your dogs from one place to another. However, they have significant differences which help the owner to choose the better one.

The important points and differences about stairs and ramps are given below:

User Friendly

Stairs are the best way of porting from one place to another indeed. However, it is difficult to climb stairs if the user has tiny legs. There are small breeds of dogs like corgi who have small legs which can barely touch the steps. For this breed, you should choose ramps over stairs. Also, if your dog has a mobility issue, ramps can be a great option for porting them from one place to another.

Doesn’t require much space

Ramps can be folded and put underneath the bed or your storeroom. It doesn’t require much space to be stored. On the other hand, for satire, you need a certain amount of space to put it, which can take a lot of your energy too.


You can carry ramps anywhere as they are folded and small in size. On the other hand, most of the stairs are not foldable as well as large in size. Check this data-driven analysis to know more about ramps for dogs.


Stairs are solid! It can not be folded, hard to move, and can not be adjustable. There are some situations when you need to adjust the height of your stairs so that your dog can walk easily. With stairs, you can never do that. On the other side, ramps are versatile. You can fold them, carry them with you, and also, you can adjust the amount of height you need. There are numerous pet parents out there who have multiple dogs with different breeds. Ramps are very convenient for them as they can adjust their size and shape.


Stairs are little pricey as they consume space. Some stairs can be made of wood or vinyl, which is a little expensive in the market. On the bright side, Ramps are made of plastics or steel, which is cheap and light-weighted.

Good for the four-legged buddy

Walking on the ramps can not create any pressure on the joints and the muscles. Your buddy doesn’t have to hop from the ramp. On the other hand, there is a 90% tendency of jumping and hopping from the stairs, which can be the reason for muscle tension and fracture.

Final Words

Every living thing has a right to live a secure and proper life. A secure swimming pool for your dog is the best thing that you can do for him/her. A simple ramp can help them to get into the pool and enjoy the summer day with his/her favorite person. Ramps are better than stairs as it is removable, portable, light, adjustable and can be used in different situations. You can use ramps for the pool or even inside the house. Although, stairs are only popular among large breed dog owners and can be used only inside the house.

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