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Parenting a dog comes with many benefits as it is the most loyal animal a human being can get. Other than loyalty, a dog provides companionship, unconditional love, and protection to the owner. Spending time with a dog can also help relieve stress. However, taking care of a dog can be quite a handful as it also needs special attention. Every dog owner would want to know how to treat his/her dog better.

Dogs are very loving and are likely to show it through their actions. In most cases, they expect their owners to reciprocate the affection they give to them. A simple act such as getting your pet a warm blanket or toy to play with makes them more loyal. As part of their caregiving routine, owners must ensure they cater to their emotional and mental health. Below are five significant tips to consider in taking care of a dog

Training the Dog

Many owners may not know that buying the dog accessories, taking them to the vet as scheduled, and feeding them refreshing food is not enough. Going the extra mile for your pet is exciting.

However, it helps to note that taking good care of a dog requires commitment since the dogs are majorly dependent on their owners for most things. A dog owner is responsible for their pet’s behavior and physical health. Moreover, dogs need training on almost everything, including how they eat, interact with other people and dogs, and follow basic commands.

Unfortunately, most people ignore this aspect as long as they feed, bathe, and ensure their pets get their routine jab. Choosing to train a puppy will help it grow, knowing how to live both inside and outside the house without causing a mess.

Training can be as simple as potty training the pup or as complex as teaching them to respond to complex commands. Hire a specialized trainer to help with this if you feel stuck. Start by teaching the dog some simple commands like sit, stand, eat, or come. However, do not use force or physical abuse when training. On the contrary, be patient and loving, and eventually, the dog will learn the basic commands. A well-disciplined dog is a safe dog, as it does not go outside alone.

Lastly, you want to train the dog to be social. Take the dog out in public places or other dog training centers. Expose the dog to different people or other dogs, which will help them learn how to behave around others. Training is crucial for the dog’s health, both mental and physical. A well-trained dog is a happy dog and easy to handle.

Reward the Dog for Good Behaviors

During training, the best remedy for successful practice is rewarding the dog for good behaviors. For every good action, one may give the dog some dog treats. It makes them feel appreciated and will maintain good behavior. Choose healthy treats and only use them when necessary. As a pet parent, you might think what is CBN? CBD or CBN treats for pets are available world-wide and have excellent calming and anti-stressing properties.

Other than treats, reward your dog with a new favorite toy or a more comfortable sleeping mat.

If the dog loves going for walks, you must take him out to play or for a walk. Consider going to a park where the dog will meet other dogs to play. Spending time with the dog enhances its relationship with the owner.

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Give the Dog an Identification Tag

Dogs tend to stray out of curiosity, and this may lead to them getting lost. Get the dog an identification tag, which includes the owner’s contact details, name, and address. This will come in handy whenever they get lost. With an identification tag around its neck, locating the dog owner is easy.

Ensure the dog is always on a leash. When outside or taking a walk, it might get challenging to prevent the dog from running off. With a leash on, it is easy to control the dog’s movement, making the owner get control over its safety.

Maintain Proper Dental Health

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Most dog owners are not keen on the dental health of their dogs. The assumption is that giving them food and shelter is enough. However, this is not the case, as poor oral health can cause dental health issues. Poor oral hygiene leads to plaque, which is piled-up remains of food on the dog’s teeth. This destroys the gum, which may weaken and break off, leading to excessive tooth loss.

To ensure good oral hygiene, one may get some specified dog chews, which remove the plaque off the teeth as they eat. Dog toys also come in handy in removing plaque from the teeth.

Another way to remove plaque is by brushing the dog’s teeth regularly. Get a dog toothbrush and brush their teeth daily from when they are young. Make it a habit, even when they are big. However, in some cases, professional dental treatment is required.

Be Prepared for Health Problems

Health challenges come up during the dog’s lifetime. Some are common health problems that are easy to solve by observing the dog’s reactions. Regular vaccination helps in treating and preventing some of these health problems. Always take the dog for a regular health checkup to detect any early signs of serious diseases.

Final Thoughts

A dog is a member of the family and should be treated like one.  It helps if owners take special care of their furry friends by ensuring they get the best life has to offer. The five tips mentioned above will help you get better at caring for your furry baby.

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