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Ultimate Dog Clothing Buying Guide

By March 5, 2021March 9th, 2021No Comments

Let’s admit it, it is fun to see your pooch in fancy clothes. Many of you like to dress-up your dog in attractive costumes and take them out on the streets.


If you are planning to make your dog the next big four-legged celebrity, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will help you pick the right clothing for your dog. We would suggest you buy cheap dog clothes because you are not going to use them for long. After all, dressing your dog is just for fun. They don’t need clothing for real.


Why should you dress-up your dog?


Besides, all the fancy costumes and silly attires, there are other reasons why you should dress-up your dog. 


Here are some of the main reasons why you should dress-up your pet:

  • Climate


In extreme temperatures, your dog may need more than just its natural fur. A dog’s fur is enough to keep them warm in winters. But when it gets snowy or rainy, they need additional protection. This is where the need for dog clothes comes into the picture. To keep them protected from harsh climatic changes, you can get some warm clothes for them. During the rainy season, you can get a raincoat for your dog.

  • Allergies


Many people are allergic to dog fur or dander. But with clothing, you can reduce the amount of loose hair flying around in the house. If you get a guest who is allergic to pets, you can dress up your dog to make the situation comfortable for your visitor. A simple dog t-shirt or dress may not be able to stop shedding, but it can reduce the amount of loose hair. If you are severely allergic to dog dander, you should re-consider owning a dog.


How to choose the right dog clothes?


Some of the main factors you need to consider when buying dog clothes are:

  • Comfort


Just like human clothing, you need to consider the comfort of your dog. You should look for loose dress and t-shirts that your do will feel comfortable in. Make sure that their clothes are not too tight.

  • Fabric


The next important thing is the choice of fabric. You should go for a fabric that is lightweight and comfortable. Look for stretchy materials, so that it doesn’t hinder your dog’s movement. The best options for dog clothes would be cotton and spandex.

  • Size


Not all dogs are of the same size. When buying dog clothes, you should consider the size of your pet. There are dog clothes of different sizes and you need to buy them accordingly.

  • Clothing that allows urination


Unlike humans, dogs cannot let you know when they want to pee. So if you are dressing them up, make sure the clothing has a cut out to pee or defecate.


Choosing colourful clothes for your furry friend is always fun. Just keep these pointers in mind and you should be able to find the best dog clothes for your pet.

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