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Dogs are beautiful creatures, and everybody just wants to have them around. They go from being just animals to friends and even family. Dog owners have a special relationship with their dogs, and it will be sad to see them unhealthy. The health of your dog depends on the kind of food you give to your dog. You don’t want to feed them something inappropriate or unhealthy. I know we like to reserve the scraps on the table and bones for our dogs, but that is not the most appropriate meal for dogs.

There are foods specifically designed to cater to the diet needs of dogs, especially puppies, as they need to be properly fed to grow. Sometimes we think it is okay to feed our puppies with food for adult dogs, not knowing there are meals formulated to suit the body system of puppies and enriched with the nutrients needed for them to grow. 

What Should You Feed Your Puppies?

Before you feed your dog with dog foods, do you take your time to read the package and know its content? What do you look out for before purchasing food for your dog? In any case, you are not aware; there are a couple of questions you need to be answered before you purchase food for your dog. These questions are asked and answered below.

Is it Nutritious? 

Dogs are carnivores, and it is important to remember this when purchasing food for them. Ensure their foods are nutritious, made with healthy organic products. Their food should also contain a lot of meat- but the right types of meat are equally as important.  There are various recipes for healthy dog meals like:

  • Turkey feed: This recipe is good for sensitive puppies; it is made with the breast and liver of turkey and contains green vegetables and fruits. 
  • Chicken: This recipe is rich in protein and is made with the gizzard, liver, and dried eggs of fresh chicken. It contains the natural flavor of chicken as well as veggies like peas and carrots. 
  • Lamb: This recipe is perfect for meat lovers and is made with fresh lamb and liver with natural antioxidants like kale, butternut squash, and cranberries. 
  • Beef: This recipe is made with fresh beef and beef heart with beef kidney as a supplementary protein. It also contains sweet potatoes and peas for easy digestion. 

Notice what meat is not listed: Pork. This means bacon, lechon, ham, pork rinds, pork skin, and other pork based ingredients. Pork is considered heavy, rich or fatty which can have immediate health dangers such as pancretitus (which left untreated can lead to a quick death), and the signs are subtle- lethargy, hunched back, loss of appetite, vomitting and/or diahhrea.

What does it contain? 

Most packaged foods are packed with preservatives, artificial food colorings, and flavors that have little or no nutritional value. You want to make sure whatever you feed your dog is good for your dog. Studies have shown a 56% rate of dog obesity, especially in the US, so as a dog parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure your dog feeds right with healthy meal plans such as a Premium Raw Dog Food diet that are custom made to suit the needs of your dog, taking into consideration any health issues, sensitivity, and species or breed of the dog. 

Is it worth it? 

Ensure that whatever you feed your dog is worth the money spent on it. It’s easy to opt for cheaper options, but it’s better to go for healthier and safer options no matter the cost. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to spend that extra money and maybe even more at the vet. That’s why it’s better to get healthier meals that are easily accessible and easy to get, so your dog doesn’t run out of food. 


Knowing how important it is for your dogs to eat right and knowing what healthy dog food should contain, you have to ensure every meal you feed your dog is healthy enough and rich in protein because proteins are essential nutrients for canines. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

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