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For weeks now, you’ve been concerned about your pet. He’s been experiencing pain in different parts of his body. He can no longer sustain running around for hours because his feet hurt. He doesn’t show interest in playing with you, and you can tell that this is because he’s in so much pain. And as a pet owner, you would never want to see your pet feel anything but happiness. You don’t want this kind of behavior to continue that’s why you started looking for ways to relive your pet from pain. If you want a solution for your pet’s condition right now, CBD oil might be the one you’re looking for.

What Is CBD Oil?

In its simplest terms, CBD oil is extracted from the glands on cannabis (yes, marijuana) buds and flowers. In some cases, CBD oils can also be extracted from hemp. Companies who’ve been producing CBD oils in the market either extract the plant through supercritical co2 extraction method or ethanol and canola oil method. And no, using CBD oils will not make your pet “high” unless taken in large doses.

The quality of the CBD oils will depend on the cannabis plant. Large companies have grown their own plant materials to ensure that they can give their consumers the same quality every time. Some are also adding in flavors to the oil since this doesn’t taste good if sold naturally. CBD oils can be purchased in drops and capsules for pets. You can apply these topically or add to your pet’s diet.

How Can CBD Oils Help Your Pet?

If you’ve been a pet owner for years, you might have friends who’ve been using CBD oils for their pets. And if you think this is just a fad that will go away soon, you’re wrong. CBD oils can bring several benefits to your pets (and even to you). To drive the point home, here are some ways CBD oils can help your pet:

1. It can help reduce anxiety: Just like human beings, pets can also suffer from anxiety. You can tell a dog has anxiety when he licks excessively and wags his tail too often. This can become the reason why they’d be isolated and lose appetite in the long run – and nothing good can come from that, right? This kind of situation can be very worrisome, but CBD oils can help. Many studies have shown that CBD oils can help manage the symptoms of different mental conditions, and anxiety being one of them. When you consistently use CBD oils for your pets, it’ll be easier for them to get through different kinds of anxiety. Your pets will get back to their usual bubbly self!

2. It’s a powerful painkiller: In a study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology, it concluded that different compounds found in CBD could help manage pain. CBD oils temporarily stop the body from absorbing anandamide, a chemical that sends pain signals in the brain. Because of this, your pet will experience fewer pain sensations. So when you notice that your pet is in pain, try CBD oil and apply it topically. You may find that their pain will ease somewhat.

3. It may help fight cancer: Yes, you’ve read that right. CBD oils may help fight cancer in pets. There are many compounds found in CBD oil, and some of these have an anti-tumor effect. This means that when your pet uses CBD oils on a daily basis, cancer cells can be prevented from growing while increasing tumor cell death.

4. It can help with your pet’s appetite: Being a pet owner can be very rewarding, but on the other side of the coin, there are also challenges along the way. For one, your pet can’t possibly tell you directly what’s wrong so you’ll end up guessing what it is. When your pet no longer eats regularly, you start to be concerned. Of course, you don’t want your pet to suffer from diseases and illnesses due to lack of nutrients. If this does happen, CBD oils can help. With continued use, CBD oils can help increase your pet’s appetite.

In Conclusion

CBD oils have been sold in the market for years now. Many people across the globe have used this, and they have attested on how it did wonders for them! And just recently, pet owners have started using these for their pets for a variety of reasons. If you think CBD oils will do the trick for you and your pet’s condition, go ahead and start looking for CBD for pets. Just make sure that you have your vet’s approval before having your pet use it!

Blake Luvo

Blake is the Director of Digital Marketing with Functional Remedies. He has worked in digital business for 20 years and is a strong advocate for CBD oil, having found much relief by taking CBD for a debilitating health challenge that he has lived with for nearly 25 years. Blake lives with his wife and 3 children in WA state where he hikes in the North Cascades, cares for a small organic orchard, meditates, and never stops asking ‘What can we do to help those in need?’

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