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Scorching summer temperatures can be equally exhausting for canines, as they are for humans. While humans reduce their body temperature through perspiration, dogs face a real struggle due to their limited number of sweat glands.

Therefore, the least that dog owners can do for their beloved pets is find a way to help them withstand the terrible summer heat. Apart from keeping them hydrated, pet owners can purchase a cooling vest that provides canines with the necessary cooling during summer days.

This accessory consists of multiple layers whose function is to absorb water, reflect heat and maintain coolness. It plays a major role in preventing heatstroke, which is an incredibly common condition in canines.

If you are about to purchase a dog cooling vest, the following tips will help you make the right decision.

Pick the right material

The initial thing to consider when looking for a cooling vest for your canine companion is doubtlessly its material. In order for this product to serve the purpose of storing water and providing the necessary coolness, it’s supposed to be made from the right combination of materials, such as cotton and nylon.

Furthermore, the interior layers of the vest should be made from cotton, as this fabric allows the skin to breathe and absorbs more water than any other material. Also, cotton is considered to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which is particularly important for avoiding the risk of unwanted irritation.

Conversely, the outer layer should be made from nylon, owing to its water-resistant features. This combination of fabrics provides the necessary comfort and light weight, as your dog isn’t supposed to consider its cooling vest as a burden.


Choose the right size

The model you’ll purchase is supposed to be the perfect fit for your dog in order to provide maximal comfort. Since it stretches all the way from the neck to the tail, the length of your companion is an important factor in determining its size. However, make sure you pay special attention to the girth measurement, as it’s crucial for picking the right dimensions.

Bear in mind that a dog cooling vest should be neither too tight nor too large, as otherwise your pet will be reluctant to wear it. A tight model is likely to obstruct its movements, thus causing discomfort and aggressiveness, while an oversized model won’t provide your canine friend with proper cooling.

Consider duration

The right model isn’t supposed to dry out only a few minutes after being soaked in water, as there’s no benefit of your dog wearing it. In fact, it should keep your pet cool during a period of at least five hours.

Purchasing a less durable model means greater inconvenience, as you’d have to add water each time the vest dries out. However, remember that all models tend to dry much faster when being exposed to sunny or windy weather. Therefore, when taking a long walk with your pet, you’re advised to take a bottle of water in case you need to add some.

Consider heat reflection

In order for your dog not to overheat, make sure the product’s material reflects heat. The more heat it reflects, the lower the risk of your canine experiencing a sunburn. Thus, the best choice of color would be a light one, as light colors provide better heat reflection. You’ll protect your pet even further by choosing an UV resistant model. These models are capable of providing protection against the harmful UV rays, thus reducing the risk of heatstroke.

Moreover, dogs are extremely prone to heatstroke, particularly when being exposed to the sun for hours without any protection. Consequently, they are likely to experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and other unpleasant symptoms of this condition. Click here to learn more about the causes and symptoms of heatstroke in dogs.

Look for a model with safety features

Besides being comfortable, the ideal dog cooling vest is supposed to be safe as well. It’s essential for the vest to have durable clasps that enable you to fasten it to the lease, without worrying about it getting detached. You certainly don’t want the vest to get detached in the middle of the walk, allowing your dog run freely.

Additionally, in case you are fond of going for walks at night, choose a model with reflective straps. This safety feature provides enough light for your canine companion to be visible, thus preventing possible accidents.

Choose a nice design

Although design isn’t among the essential factors to consider, some pet owners prefer choosing a unique design to match their own style. In spite of the limited range of available colors, you can still find a cooling vest that makes your dog fashionable. However, remember that style should never be more important than comfort. Always look for a functional vest, not a trendy one.

Compare prices

Prior to purchasing such a product for your pet, think carefully about the sum of money you are willing to spend. Price is mainly determined by the type of material, the additional features, the brand, and durability of the product. Bear in mind that the models which offer better heat protection are costlier than the ones made from low-quality materials.

Wrap up

This accessory is essential for canines to wear in the summer period.

It’s the only way to protect your pet from the unbearable heat!

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