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Spring is here, and all types of spring flowers are making their way out on Mother Earth.  You should go outside with your pet buddy to enjoy the best of spring. Before venturing out, you should be aware of certain essential aspects of ensuring the safety and security of your pet partner.  Read below the check-list of seven pet safety tips that will act as a guideline to keep your adorable pet hale and hearty. 

  • Erratic weather changes

A sudden alteration in weather stands as the chief of spring season arrival. During spring, the weather turns out to be very inconsistent.  It rains with a mild breeze blowing at one second and turns out to be hot and humid. You have to be very calculative regarding your pet buddy’s weather gear. Keep a weather-proof jacket, shoe, and a small hand towel handy with you. It is especially while on the move, you should be up-to-the-mark with the erratic weather. You can never take any chance with your pet partner, can you?

  • Weather friendly pet gear

It would be best if you prepare adequately to cater to all kinds of weather, especially during the spring. As expected, when the question arises of your pet buddy’s health and safety, it is best to pack extra options. You never know when you might require them. For instance, if you are planning for a trip with your adorable pet pooch, you should always keep a handy pet travel bag. Stuff the same with his items like a waterproof rain jacket, sweater, and easy-to-carry dog beds for extra comfort.

  • Bug  menace

With the gradual rise in temperatures during springtime, you have to be aware of the annoying bugs. These irritating pests keep your pet scratchy while causing excessive prickliness. Many a time, they suffer from serious ailments owing to the growth of bugs in the spring season. They also spread at a real fast pace all over the house. Keep checking your pets’ paw pads for any ticks, once out walking in any wooded area. But try doing the same daily, to keep these pests at bay.  Consult your vet to know more about the preventive options against the bugs, which might cause harm to your innocent pets.

  • Spring-related allergies

Various environments always support different allergens. While traveling, you should be well-equipped with the necessary medicines for your pets. Remember to take along with you their allergy medicines, as prescribed by the vets. You never know when you might require the same! Moreover, all pets respond or react differently to various allergens. Thus, you should never believe in ‘one size fits all’ medication. To avoid any discrepancies, consult your vet, once your lovable pet buddy shows the allergic signs.

  • Keep away from Spring plants.

Individual spring flowers can cause health hazards to your lovable felines and canines. These spring flowers look beautiful and attractive as a decorative piece inside your living space and courtyards. But then, several herbs and plants stand poisonous to your furry buddies, and are very deadly to the pets. And many renowned vets agree. It can cause severe kidney malfunctioning in felines and sometimes death! Likewise, daffodils, sago palm, and tulips top the list that you should avoid planting to ensure the safety of your beloved pets. Always keep the various pet emergency mobile applications handy. These apps act as quick means at the time when you require any help.

  • Avoid standing on wet patches.

Fresh rainwater generally carries a lot of dirt, rubbles, along with various other health-related issues for your pets. More importantly, chances are very high for your pet buddies contracting Leptospirosis. It happens when they come in contact with any standing wet patch. Never let them have water from all these. Keep a strict vigil on your pet pup while walking outside. Prevent your pet from having water from any community dish for pets . It happens to be a significant source of this particular disease. Also, consult your vet if you face any health-related issues with your pet buddy. 

  • Keep your pet buddy well-hydrated.

During springtime, keep your pet partners well-hydrated.Always keep in mind the duration your pets are outside. And make sure they drink water often. Keep a fresh drinking water bottle to cater to your pet for drinking. Furthermore, never make the grave mistake of leaving your pet locked inside a car. The temperature can shoot up within a few minutes.


Warmer the weather, more unpredictable it becomes to stay outside for long hours with your pet buddies. Try sailing smoothly and enjoying the goodness of spring. Be well-equipped and plan accordingly. The above discussed seven spring pet safety tips will help you in the prevention of any misadventure. Follow them well to keep your Fido and Fluffy healthy.

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