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Leaving your doggo home alone is a hard thing to do as pet parents. It can be challenging for you to leave him home alone without going on a guilt trip. Sadly, as much as we want, we cannot be with our pets all the time and or take them everywhere. 

And some dogs can be too sensitive and emotional. They can become depressed whenever left out. It is necessary to teach our pet dogs at a tender age to be home alone, or dogs can develop separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety can show extreme behavior and cause damage to the house. Excessive barking, whining, aggressive behavior, etc., are some common traits of separation anxiety. If your doggo calms down around your presence, it is most likely separation anxiety.

Those who have a full-time job have more difficulty in dedicating enough time to their pet dog. Dogs can get bored quickly and may lose interest in playing without their best friend (you). However, you can do a few things so that your dog learns to carry on without feeling anxious or bored in your absence.

Here are eight effective ways to keep your dog happy and entertained.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Dogs love to sniff down their food and eat. You can set up a scavenger hunt for your dog by hiding treats around the house, so when you are away, your dog is busy looking for hidden treats. Hiding treats in a puzzle can also be a fun thing that you can do for your dog. Your pet dog will have to use strategic skills to release the hidden treats from the trap or puzzle.

If your dog is anxious, you may use Sunday Scaries CBD gummies as treats for your dog. CBD gummies smell like dog treats and can also help in reducing anxiety. People give CBD as it can significantly reduce aggression in dogs.

2. Keep The Television On

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You can leave the television on with the animal planet channel and keep the volume on an audible level if you are going away for an hour or two. Your dog will love to watch birds and animals rather than creating ruckus around the house in your absence. Keep a couch for your dog near the tv for comfort.

3. Keep A Window Open For View (and Make a Window Seat)

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If possible, you can open the curtain or blinds, so the dog has a view of the outside. A view of the street or backyard will keep the doggo engaged. It will keep your dog relaxed, calm, and entertained.

Dogs enjoy looking outside the window and can do this for hours. You might end up finding your dog sleeping near the window often. Therefore, you can leave a blanket or pillow near the window for your dog to sleep and rest when you go out.

4. Adopt A New Dog

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Dogs can be very comfortable if they have a partner in crime. Having another pup at your home will be great for your first doggo. Your dog may develop a great bond and friendship with the second dog. However, getting a second dog is a responsibility. If you plan to get another doggo, you may want to keep a few things in mind.

  • Adopt a dog who is similar to the age of your current dog
  • Get the dog that suits your family and current dog.
  • Take enough time to introduce and train your current dog and the new one before deciding to leave them alone.
  • You can get a professional to help them bond together.

Many pet adoption agencies allow you to accompany your dog to the kennel to see how they bond and gel up before adoption. With a partner at home, your dog may not feel so bored and alone.

5. Dog Daycare

Pet care facilities provide dog walking services. Professionals at pet care facilities are capable and experienced in dealing with all kinds of breeds. You can hire a professional walker for your dog if you don’t have enough time, and your work keeps you engaged all day long.

Dogs need exercise for their physical and mental health, and going for walks is one of their favorite activities. You can find many pet care facilities online. However, if you are worried about the safety and security of your loving dog, you can get a GPS tracker to track its location.

6. Ice Cube Treats

It is a fun game for dogs. During hot summer, you can set ice cube treats for entertaining your dog. Fill the ice tray with water and your dog’s favorite treats and keep them in the refrigerator overnight. Keep these ice cube treats outside in the daytime. Your dog will get to enjoy the treats as the ice melts. They even love to lick the ice. It will also keep your dog hydrated during hot days.

7.  Set A Puppy Play Date

A playdate can be very refreshing for your dog and its mood. You may have some neighbors or friends who have a dog. You can set up a playdate and invite them over to your place. Ensure that both dogs enjoy each other’s company and get along well before setting the date.

You can leave the contact information of your vet with the pet parents in case of any emergency. However, if things go smoothly, your doggo will be thankful to you.

8. Get Chewable Toys

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Getting chewable toys for your dog is a way of keeping them engaged and entertained. Chewable toys are great to keep your dog active throughout the day. It will also prevent your dogs from ruining your shoes, cushion, and mattress in the house.


Every dog is different and behaves differently. You can train your dog to enjoy being alone. However, if your dog continues to act aggressively, consult a vet.

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