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The first week with a new pet in the house is an exciting time. However, if you’re getting your new business up and running, tending to your furry friend can be an additional cause of stress and anxiety- especially if your home is also your office, warehouse, and/or storefront. The best way to make the transition easier for both you and your pet is to plan each step of the journey well in advance so you’re all set up for a harmonious pet/life/business balance.

Here, New York Dog Nanny shares a step-by-step guide to helping your new pet settle into their new life as you also start a new business.

Before Your Pet Arrives

Be sure to stock up on the basics, so you’re all set up when your pet arrives. According to Rover, some important things to buy include a collar and leash, food and water bowls, a crate, stain cleaners, and all the toys you can get your hands on.

Set Up Your Pet Space

You’ll also want to section off some space for your pooch so they have a dedicated area that they recognize. Set up their crate, bowls, and bed in or near your office, so you’re able to watch them and take care of them if the need arises. Another essential is to pet-proof the place and keep wires, medicines, and even some plants firmly out of reach.

Set Up Your Business for Success

Also, remember to take care of outstanding business tasks before your pet arrives so that you can dedicate more time to settling them in. It is crucial to ensure you’re not adding to all your stress by operating your business improperly.

One of the most critical steps is to decide on the appropriate business structure for your venture. Many small business owners go with a limited liability company, or LLC, as it provides tax advantages, flexibility, and reduced paperwork. If you have limited time left to devote to setting up your business structure, you can use a formation service like Zenbusiness for operating your business, which will also save you expensive lawyer’s fees in the long run. Also, be sure to look up LLC regulations according to your state, as they differ by jurisdiction. If you decide to use a formation service like ZenBusiness, for example, make sure you read ZenBusiness reviews to see what previous clients/customers have to say about their experiences.

Once Your Pet Is Home

Your pet will likely take some time to get acquainted with their new surroundings, so be sure not to overwhelm them with too many people or loud noises. In addition, the earlier you start your training, the better their socialization and manners will stick. Check out this great article by DopeDog so you can easily find the best dog trainers, walkers, and vets near you.

Set Up a Routine

You will also need to establish a routine, so your furry friend knows what to expect. Figure out a schedule for nap time, bathroom breaks, walks, and food. This will also help you time block your calendar so you’re able to run your business and care for your pet efficiently. What we always recommend is making sure to get your pet time to socialize outside with other dogs and humans as well as a day or two a week at a local doggy daycare or a pack walk a few times a week in the neighborhood. This will help your pet get adjusted to being with other pets and spend time away from you to develop other social skills.

Set Up Lots of Playtime

Your pet will need lots of extra love initially to feel settled in. Take time off from work to play a quick game of fetch, tag, or hide and seek. This will keep their skills sharp while giving you a much-deserved mental and physical break! In addition, remember to place your pets’ needs first, which may not always correspond with your scheduled work breaks. Start training yourself to anticipate their cues so you know when they need a bathroom break or if they’re feeling scared or unsettled.

Your pets’ first few weeks home will be a period of adjustment for both of you. However, setting up a routine right away can go a long way in easing you into a smooth transition. Try these easy-to-implement tips today, and get out there and enjoy time with your new friend!

Image from Unsplash

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