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Every dog deserves a backyard that has ample running space, room to relax, and an area to dig. If you recently moved to a new house, or are simply looking to renovate your backyard, there are many ways to create a dog-friendly backyard that your pup will enjoy for hours on end. 

To help you get started, we reached out to dog experts from Houston, TX to Kingston, ON to give us their best advice on how to create a dog-friendly backyard. From installing an electric doggy dog to selecting dog-friendly plants for your landscaping, keep reading to see what they had to say.

1) Have a Designated Potty Space in Your Yard

Many gardeners are concerned about dogs and lawns. You can avoid problems by training your dog to go potty in a particular part of the yard – preferably away from your favorite outdoor living space. – Laura Pakis, Cynologist at Acme Canine

2) Make Sure the Plants in Your Yard are Dog-Friendly 

Whether you are just moving in or re-landscaping an existing space, it’s a great idea to make sure there are no plants that are toxic to pets. – Dog Genie

3) Do Research on Different Dog-Friendly Plants

Your dog is an important part of the family, so it’s essential to create a safe environment for them. One way that you can do this is by planting dog-safe plants near or in your dog area. It may be difficult to know which types are dangerous, so make sure to do your research. One example of a toxic plant is foxglove, which has beautiful flowers, but can be deadly if ingested. – Dog House Times

4) Install an Electronic Doggy Door

Electronic doggy doors are a true life changer. Imagine not having to worry about getting home on time to let your dog out to potty. An electronic version slides open and closed based on a sensor on your dog’s collar, and can even keep other animals or intruders from coming inside. – Houston Dog Mom

5) Try an Electric Underground Fence System

Your pet staying safely in your yard is important for their safety, but they will also enjoy life a lot more with more outdoor time. If you have an installed fence, slats that have a large gap can let a creative furry family member escape. In these cases, an electric underground fencing system is perfect. Be sure to choose a vendor with a multiple-session training program for both you and your pet so they are not fearful and enjoy life outdoors. – Pet Stop

6) Create a Dig Spot Using Sand

One thing all dogs love to do is dig. So you can create a dig spot for your dog. Dig up a small pit in your backyard, fill it up with beach sand, and let your dog go crazy in it. You can even put stones around it to make it look elegant. – Beagle Care

7) Create a Tug of War Rope for Games 

For dogs that like to tug, consider a marine rope or a sturdy toy/small tire hung from a horizontal tree branch in your dog-friendly backyard. Attach it to the limb with an old bicycle tire tube to protect the tree and give the tug rope extra bounce. The dog can tug and “fight” the tree for lots of exercise and enjoyment. – Lara’s Canine Solutions

8) Make Sure Your Dog has Access to a View

Dogs are protective of their turf and also love to keep a pulse on what’s happening with your neighbors. Make sure your pet has easy, clear access at a minimum to view the back and front yard with a seated cushioned window sill at ground floor level. – New York Dog Nanny

9) Make Sure there is Ample Shade and Water

Big dogs need a lot of exercise, and when they’re done playing, they need a place to cool down.  Give your dog their own place to relax whether it consists of a nice shaded area, running water, or a fancy doghouse. Not only will your dog love it, but they won’t dig up your yard as much, and you’ll always know where to look when their favorite toy goes missing. – Monster K9 

10) Make Sure you Accommodate for Your Dog Aging 

Moving, landscaping, or getting yourself another pooch, are great reasons to take a good look at your backyard for canine appeal. Buddy, your senior companion, may enjoy a ramp instead of stairs and a plunge pool instead of an agility course, plan your dog-friendly backyard in such a way as to evolve and accommodate your pet from puppyhood to senior living. – A Dog’s New Life

11) Consider Physical Barriers to Keep your Dog Safe

If you want to create a dog-friendly backyard, it is crucial to consider how your four-legged friend will be using the space. Make sure there are physical barriers. If you have an athletic dog that can jump, consider a six-foot fence minimum. If you don’t have natural shade from trees, consider a structure or some way to provide relief from the sun. – DC Dog Runner

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