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Dog-Hair Removal Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Dogs are the friendliest and most loving creatures on this planet and they make every home a happier place. But, removing dog hair is everything but fun. Dog hair removal doesn’t have to be a tedious and frustrating task when you know great hacks to get rid of them. If you’re looking for ideas on how to remove dog hair this article delivers everything you need. Scroll down to see all the hacks that truly work.

1. Textured rubber gloves

One of the fastest and most effective ways to remove dog hair is to use a pair of textured rubber gloves. You just need to put them on and wipe across the hairy area and the little grippers on the gloves will loosen up the accumulated hair and pick it up. Textured rubber gloves work on surfaces such as pet beds, couches, carpets, and curtains. In other words, they are great for picking up dog hair from furniture that has fabric on it.

Besides the “regular” textured rubber gloves nowadays pet owners can buy grooming and de-shedding gloves which function as a grooming tool and surface cleaner. Wear these gloves to pet the dog and you’ll pick up hair that would otherwise end up on your couch or carpet. Or you can use them to wipe across the hairy surface just like the “regular” rubber gloves.

2. Sticky or lint roller

When it comes to dog hair removal any sticky object can help you out. You probably have a sticky or lint roller in your home and it’s a great tool to remove dog hair. These rollers trap stray pet hairs that stuck on the sofa or pet bed. Bearing in mind that dog hair can be quite stubborn and tricky to remove you may want to buy sticky roller specifically created to remove pet hair. Lint rollers are inexpensive and easy to use. The only disadvantage is that they cannot pick up dog hair from large surfaces in one ago. They are best suited for smaller areas and your clothes though.

3. Coconut oil

Okay, this is not the hair removal tip per se, but it can help decrease the amount of hair you need to pick up. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils on the planet. Well-known for a wide spectrum of health benefits for humans, coconut oil can help animals as well. The healthy dog sheds legs than an unhealthy animal. While it’s natural for dogs to shed sometimes, the pet can lose more hair than normal due to some health-related problems.

Adding coconut oil to the dog’s diet can improve health and limit hair shedding. Coconut oil supports healthy digestion, detox, and can make the hair appear shiny and glossy. Speaking of diet, cannabis oil for dogs can improve their health, manage a wide range of diseases and conditions, and thereby prevent excessive hair shedding and you can learn more about CBD oil for dogs here.

4. A balloon to the rescue

Balloons are not just for kids’ parties, they can help you remove pet hair easily and no this is not a joke. Your hair stands up when you rub a latex balloon on it and dog’s hair is not the exception. Use a balloon to quickly remove dog hair from solid surfaces such as wood in a fun and unique way. They work best on solid surfaces; which is particularly useful if we bear in mind hair tends to scatter.

5. Pumice stone

Chances are high you have a pumice stone in the bathroom as it works wonders for our feet thanks to its ability to remove dead skin easily. What most pet owners don’t realize is that the pumice stone can help get rid of all pet hairs that have stuck in the carpet. As dog sheds hair and you walk on the carpet, the tiny hairs can embed easily and make it difficult for you to remove them by vacuuming. The last thing you want is a damaged rug so the easiest tool to use is a pumice stone. You just need to rub a pumice tone onto the area with hardened or embedded dog hairs to gently release them. Then, just vacuum and that’s it. You can even do this in your car.

6. Scrubbing sponge

When in the hurry to pick up dog hair from soft surfaces the scrubbing sponge you have in the kitchen can serve as an excellent tool. Just wipe the hair-covered area with the rough side of the sponge (do it gently) and you’ll pick them all up without too much hassle.


Removing dog hair from hard and soft surfaces doesn’t have to be so difficult. Remember, you should also invest in a high-quality vacuum that will suck pet hair easily. Make sure to groom your dog regularly in order to reduce shedding.

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