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Humans have quite a history with pets. People like having cute things nearby them which urges them to resort to pets. Nevertheless, no matter how cute an owner finds its pet, most people consider them a hassle because of their habits like damaging property and littering around. Therefore, it often becomes difficult to keep your pet close to you. The major problem you face in this respect is to find a place where you can cohabitate with your pet. Here is a complete guide for finding and setting up a pet-friendly dwelling.

Finding a pet-friendly condominium

Here are some of the proven tips for finding a perfect place for you to live with your dog:

Narrow-down your search

You can contact real estate agents, your friends, and colleagues who have pets, to get suggestions for a condominium complex that allows pets. You can search for them online too. After thorough research narrow-down the condominium choices based on your requirements. Some condos do not come with the tag of “No Pets”. While searching such condos you may also like to visit Debut Condos at the Barrie Waterfront Community that is pet-friendly and quintessential at the same time. So, you don’t have to worry about condos quality as they provide all basic amenities.

Meet the association members

After selecting some condominium complexes, contact their association and schedule a meeting as face-to-face meeting increases the chances of getting permission to keep pets. If you cannot arrange a meeting then make a photograph album of your dog and show it to the board.

Showcase your pet

Make a perfect resume for your dog with complete information like age, color, weight, medical condition, and breed of the dog. It will leave a great impression on the board members. Make sure you take full responsibility for your pet; emphasize that you take care of your dog well and it will cause no harm to the building.  

Setting up a pet-friendly condominium

After finding a perfect condo unit for you and your dog, the next thing is to set up your dwelling. 

Reduce the outdoor noise

Dog’s hearing ability is very sharp. They follow the voices they hear. If there is too much noise of people outside your condo unit then your dog can get confused. To avoid such a situation, you can place smart speakers in the walls to prevent noise with some light music.

Buy toys for your dog

Dogs like to play with toys. You can get these toys for your dog so that it doesn’t harm your possessions. Like snoop ball, puzzle ball, dog bones, chew toys, and Kong wobbler.

A dog house

While decorating the condo make sure that you set up a place for the dog to sleep and play. Buy stairs for the dogs if your dog is small so that it can reach the couch. You can also set up space for the dog to sleep i.e. dog house.

Searching a condo building that allows pets and provides pet-friendly amenities isn’t an easy job but, with the right tips and tricks, you can find a perfect dwelling for you and your dog. 

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