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Five best Dog Crates that are Wonderful for Your Dogs

Having pets in the house is something most people look forward to. For the new pet owners, it is an adventure awaiting many surprises. For the old-timers, it is a source of comfort and happiness. Pets can bring so much joy into the lives of people especially dogs and cats who are very sociable and can become emotionally attached to their fur parents.

Dogs are one of the best pets that you can have. They are empathic and trainable. They may require some tender loving care but you won’t regret any of it as they will love you more than you can ever love them. They are very loyal and protective also. They will naturally protect you with their lives and will never leave you until they die. Click here to learn more about why dogs are the best pets.

Having dogs will require you to take them around sometimes. You have to regularly take them to the vet for their check-ups. If they are relatively untrained or they are still puppies then it is best to put them in creates when you travel. It will keep your car free from mess and it will also ensure that they feel safe in the new environments where you are taking them.

Dog crates are useful for pet owners for many reasons. You can use this to keep your pets in place when you have visitors in your home. You can also use these to transport your pets. You can use this to keep them in place when they are sick, and you can also use this to ensure that they do not wander around.

Depending on your pet, the right size may differ. Cats need less space when it comes to crates as they feel better inside smaller spaces to make them feel more secure while dogs need bigger spaces because they need a lot more space to move around. Here is a link for more information on kennels:

For whatever reason that you may have there is a perfect kennel for you. It can be made of different materials and you can choose the right one depending on what you need and how much your budget is. Commonly, kennels are usually made of steel, wood, or plastic.

Nowadays, plastic kennels are usually used for transporting while steel kennels are used for temporary shelters.  Steel crates are more durable and can house pets for longer periods compared to other types. However, they can be susceptible to rust and must be kept away from rain as much as possible.

To help you choose between the many kennels available in the market, here is the top 5 list of dog crates for you.

Pet Mate Sky Kennel

This portable cage is one of the best there is because of its quality and affordability. You can get this for as low as 79.95 dollars only. It is made of plastic and steel to ensure that your pet is safe and secure inside. This cage is safe and approved for travel and you can use it to bring your dog overseas or on a plane.

It is plane-certified so you don’t have to worry when using this cage. It has very good ventilation with windows in all corners. It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble especially at a time when your pet refuses to leave the cage at the vets. You can just simply disassemble the cage to open it up.

With the Pet Mate Sky kennel, your dogs are sure to be comfortable and safe. It has 6 different sizes and is good for all sizes of dogs from small to large ones. It is lightweight because of the materials used making it easy to carry and transport your pet.

Ruff Max Portable Dog Kennel

If you want something premium for your dog, then this item is for you. It has a slick design and better ventilation for your dogs to provide the best comfort. This item is specifically for medium dogs that weigh from 30 to 50 pounds. This is very durable and comfortable for your dogs and will surely make travel, for them, less stressful. They can see what is outside their cages without making them feel unsecured and afraid.

This is not as cheap as the other kennels but still affordable. It has a stress-free assembly and you can use it on airplanes too.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

This cage is best used as a temporary shelter outside of your home. You can put this on your porch or in the backyard. Just make sure that you provide your dogs some elevation so that they won’t get wet if it rains. This is effective in protecting your dogs in different weather conditions. This is durable and strong enough to hold your big dogs. This is also very easy to assemble.

Amazon Basic Folding Metal Dog Crate

If you are looking for something cheap, then this is the item for you. This is, however, only good for small to medium sized dogs. This can be used as both a temporary shelter and transportation cage. You can easily load this onto your car or any vehicle. This is easy to clean and easy to assemble too.

Mid-West Homes for Pets Dog Crate

This is the item in this list with the best and the most customer reviews of over 20,000.  There are six different sizes to choose from so this item can cater to any dog size. This is affordable and of very high quality. It is light-weight and easy to assemble. If you have a lot of pets or want to save some money yet have an item that is of high quality, then this is it.

Choosing the right kennel is very important to give your fur babies comfort and security. Make sure you get the right size to ensure comfort and always check that the locks work so that you won’t ever lose your pets.

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