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How to Train your dog to Pick up Items off the Floor

Do you have to bend over and over again to pickup items off the floor? Do you want your dog to bring items for you? It’s not that difficult you might think it is.

Yes, It’s not that easy to train your dog to pickup items off the floor but it’s not impossible. Have you already taught your dog the basic training commands? Then you can definitely carry on with these tips that I will teach you in this article.

I would advise dog owners to first focus on basic training commands like sit, stay and recall and then look to train their dog to pickup items off the floor.

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Before you begin with the Training, you need to note these points:

  • You have already taught basic commands like ‘sit’, ’stay’, handshake and recall.
  • Your dog should have developed strong and permanent teeth, so that his teeth does not get damaged while bringing or picking up items.
  • Your dog should mouth naturally. If your dog doesn’t mouth naturally, then you would have to teach them commands like “take it” and “drop it”.

What’s the need to teach your dog with this command?

This trick can be very beneficial in a way. This can tire your dog mentally and physically, while at the same time, your dog thinks you are playing with him.

A tired dog is a good dog. Also, this trick will teach your dog to clean up his own mess of dog toys and keep the house neat and clean.

Now, Let’s Talk about Training Commands

Start with small items like a chew toy and a t-shirt. Do not try to rush with this trick as there will be bad consequences.

This is a little tricky command to teach, hence it’s better to start small and slow.

Carry a lot of treats in your pocket to reward the desired behavior of your dog. Offer your dog some treats once he has carried something in his mouth and then tell him to ‘drop it’ using the command.

Be Patient with the training and do not get frustrated if you fail to get desired results from your pet dog.

Method That I frequently Use:


Step 1: Place the Item on the floor

Place the item that you want your dog to pick up on the floor and wait with a clicker and some treats.

Step 2: Reward when he touches

Wait for your dog to come closer to the item and as soon as he touches that item on the floor, press the clicker and reward that behavior with his favorite treats.

Step 3: Wait for Mouthing

Wait for your dog to mouth the item. It’s time to increase the level of training. As soon as your dog mouths the item, click it and reward the desired behavior.

There may be chances that your dog may get distracted and start looking here and there or just leave the item. Do not get frustrated and start from Step 1 and this time from some other place in the house.

Step 4: Wait for the Pick-up

While your dog is mouthing the item, start to praise and shower love to your dog along with giving him his favorite treats. This can lead to your dog picking up the item inside his mouth.

This is a big and crucial step. Also, it will take some time for your dog to complete this step, so be patient and keep trying.

Step 5: Make your dog ‘Bring it’

Move the item at different places in the house and repeat the above steps. Pass the command ‘bring it’ to make your dog bring that item closer to you.

He may not be able to bring the item exactly at your place but even if he brings to a certain distance, give him a lot of treats and reward this behavior.

Step 6: Use your Hand

When your dog tries to pickup the item and bring it closer to you, extend your arm and pass the ‘bring it’ command and if your dog drops the item on your hand, shower a lot of verbal and physical love along with treats.

This positive reinforcement training strengthens the bond between your dog and you and at the same time, making sure that he enjoys the game and your affection as well.

This blog was contributed by Daniela Carrera. If you would like to submit a blog please email

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