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Every pet parent can’t help but want to spoil their furry companions. And now, there are so many fun and luxurious ways that we can treat our pets, it’s hard to resist. It’s actually estimated that we’ll spend more than $70 billion bucks on our pets this year, and with all of the exciting new products and technological gadgets available, that number could jump even higher.  Exciting advancements in veterinary treatments also make this an exciting time to be a pet owner.

If you’re a dog parent, here are the biggest trends you can expect for the coming year:

Get Smart

Smart devices are infiltrating our homes like never before. From thermostats to televisions, everything is moving towards automation and smart controls. Convenience is the key, and it’s no different when it comes to our pets. For those pet owners who rely on pet sitters or walkers when they’re not around, they are still looking for that peace of mind in knowing when their pet is safe at home. Smart home cameras, GPS devices and other monitoring and tracking devices are now being used to help ease dog owner’s minds while they’re apart from their companions.

Get Tested

We all want our fur babies to be happy and healthy. New advancements in genetic testing can help ensure our little pups are not predisposed to certain genetic conditions, and if so can help create a preventative health plan with those risks in mind. Testing can also help narrow down the breed makeup of your dog, also helping to determine, health wise, what your pup may be more susceptible to.

Get it Printed

The incredible technology of 3D printing has allowed veterinary care to advance by leaps and bounds. Now, prosthetics and surgical models are able to be printed, making procedures less invasive and quicker to achieve. “There’s nowhere to go but up for this technology, as it has done nothing but improve the lives of pets and make veterinary medicine easier to practice. And, not only that, but it can also significantly bring down the costs of pricey treatments and equipment,” outlines Audrey Darnall, pet blogger at Draft Beyond and Research Papers UK.

Get Rid of Fear

Veterinary visits can be incredibly stressful for pet parents, but especially for pets, who can’t fully comprehend what’s going on. There’s a new fear-free movement that’s becoming more and more popular among vets, vet techs and assistants. Keeping dogs and cats in separate waiting rooms is one small but highly significant change that can contribute immensely to a fear-free visit.

Get Tracking

We have started wearing personal tracking devices, so why not use this same technology on our pets? We’ll more easily be able to monitor their activity levels and see if they’re staying on track for any vet recommended activity levels.

These trackers may even be able to pick up things that are not so easily visible to the observer, such as when a pet is slowing down or not keeping up with their normal activity level. Certain problems can be addressed more quickly when there’s clear evidence that can be observed and monitored.

Get Mobile

Everything is moving towards more convenience for the customer, and veterinary care is no different. Not only are vet visits stressful for pets and pet parents alike, but they can often be scheduled at inconvenient times, and cause you to have to possibly put your furry little one in a cage to transport him across town.

This is no longer a necessity when you’ve got access to mobile vet clinics and veterinarians offering house calls. “It’s more convenient because you don’t have to travel anywhere, and it’s less stressful by leaps and bounds because you and your pet can remain in your comfortable space for any checks that are being done,” explains Deborah Steen, writer at Last Minute Writing and Writinity.

Get Delivered

These days, we can have everything delivered, so why would we not expect to have pet food delivery available to us, with just the touch of a button. Regardless of the dietary restrictions your pet is facing, you’re likely to be able to find an at-home delivery service for your dog’s meals. We all want to rid our pet’s food of the nasty ingredients and fillers. Many of these at-home delivery services focus on fresh and simple ingredients.

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