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Getting a pet dog is a life-altering decision. This is the time when you are committing to taking care of a living being, with a lot of responsibilities at stake. When you are setting up the basic amenities for your baby pup, choosing the right food and nutrition is an important consideration. After all, nutrition ensures whether your dog is going to enjoy a long and healthy life, and enrich the life of your loved ones with playful activities.

Although dog nutrition appears to pretty basic, there are a lot of different elements at play that makes the overall balance quite complex. To aid you in selecting the best nutrition for your pet dog, here we will dissect the essentials of nutrition and feeding.


When assessing different dog food brands, the first element that you need to target is protein. Protein forms the raw material for cells and is the most important nutritional element to carry out the wear and tear function. In short, to thrive, your dog requires a steady supply of protein. Protein is an integral source of amino acids and energy. Since dogs are physically active creatures, and their playful nature expends a lot of muscular energy, amino acids help in the restorative function.

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Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins and minerals play a very essential role in the health and development of dogs. While the nutritional value of vitamins and minerals isn’t that high when compared to proteins, their function is still very important. Most vitamins and minerals act as catalysts to a myriad of chemical reactions. They speed up vital processes and also lay the foundation for most biochemical reactions to take place.

For example, Vitamin A is great when it comes to sustaining the vision of your pet dog. On the other hand, Vitamin D3 is beneficial for the skin, since dogs cannot extract vitamin D from the sun. Similarly, Vitamin E strengthens the immune system of dogs and develops strong and healthy muscles. Therefore, when planning the nutrition for your pet dog, prioritize the administration of vitamins and minerals according to deficiencies. 


Since pet dogs are a global sensation, and each day, the number of pet dog owners are growing, there was a  great need to standardise the food given to pet dogs. This need was recognized by AAFCO- The Association of American Feed Control Officials. This body has set out guidelines and detailed instructions for pet food companies to comply with when creating dog foods.

Having said that, when you are selecting a dog food brand for your pet, make sure that you give thoughtful consideration to the AAFCO compliance. This will prevent a great deal of stress and anxiety of giving your dog the right food because AAFCO compliance ensures that a stringent regulatory body has already tested the dog food samples and given it a green light on the basis of the essential nutritional requirements.

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