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In recent years, the pet industry has increased steadily. As per the American Pet Products Association, the U.S. pet industry expenses are projected to hit $99 billion in 2020, up from $95 billion in 2019. In this era where everything is tech and internet-driven, pet stores have to utilize the most of it to remain in business. Read below to use some digital platform hacks to promote your pet store.

  1. Investing in digital marketing

As stated by the Pet Manufacturers Association, an aggregate of 54 million pets spread across 12 million houses in England spend a normal of $5,315 per home. Of all the consumptions done through the internet, the PMA accounts that 8.3 percent were pet merchandise concerning either a dog or cat food. Hence, it is understandable that the pet business is vast and mostly unexplored through digital marketing techniques. Consequently, investing in online marketing can be your first step towards boosting your business in the pet industry.

Cannabis SEO Case Study is a great instance of an evolving market, and some findings can be used for promoting a pet store. A recent study of PMA focussing on Cannabis SEO Case Study has shown that online platforms and websites are the primary sources of material gathering for pet lovers. Begin with this step in the world of digital connections. First, enlist your pet store on a professional listing platform like Apple Maps, Yelp, Bing, LinkedIn Company Directory, MapQuest, Google My Business, and others to gain more exposure.

The next step is to get engagement in social media and all online places through events. Arrange and create activities weekly that include pet possessors and service benefactors. You can cultivate fantastic publicity simply by sharing pet-related advice and reassuring individuals to go for similar activities.

Put attractive stories on Social media.

Social media is one of the most incredible ways to find new consumers and put your trademark out there, but if you only post advertising content and share an update from your blog, people will move elsewhere. That is why it is important to post some unique personal and customized content that makes you stand out in the crowd. You can offer advice and tips about the pet’s health, review products, cleaning, etc. People like seeing pictures of cute pets, and social media allow you to benefit your pet store.

Instagram stories and images of puppies and kittens will attract more people to engage with the post. People like those visuals, which make them happy. Making the most of it and turning it to your benefit, emphasizing social networks, where imageries and videos rule most of the likes, comments, and sharing numbers, is crucial. But do not forget to submit a credit in every post. Giving recognition is an essential part of avoiding any copyright issue. The act of distributing good and eye-catching content that people want to see is sufficient for them to become famous. You can share images of your pet, customer’s pet, and others as long as it appears cute and endearing.

Facebook, too is a great social media platform to connect with prospective clients. You can use some tactics like question and answer sessions with your followers, use trending hashtags of the day, etc. Give exclusive deals for customers coming to the store or website, conduct vote contents, photo caption contests of the customers, and send them prizes. These are a few great ways to engage more people over the internet to increase visibility and sales.

  1. Send newsletters and post website content.

The first step for digital promotion is creating an e-commerce website. Complete it with personalized and adorable content. Make sure you write blogs about various things related to a pet, be it a dog, cat, rabbits, and other pets. When you share valuable information, visitors will take you seriously. Good-quality articles, shareable content, and appealing visuals always do the work on a social media platform, increasing your organic views.

Newsletters are an excellent way to be in touch with customers. Frequent emails from you will make them keen to follow you on social media, visit the website, or even pay a visit to your store. It will increase sales and help in effective promotion. You can also gather testimonials to show your authenticity since most pet owners think of their cats and dogs as members of their family. Since pet owners are cautious about who they trust regarding vet-care and cleaning, a genuine testimonial can easily make your good reputation in the market.

Requesting pleased consumers to write recommendations and back you up as an expert can help enhance your digital marketing operations. Little add-on services for customers like pet training, pet grooming, pet lodging, and crèche will also boost sales. It has to be highlighted in the newsletters and website to engage more visitors on the e-commerce website.


Hence, leveraging digital media is a trend like never before for a pet store owner. Embrace it effectively and keep sharing content to engage your audience. Listed above are some great ways to showcase your work and ingenuity in the field.



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