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This list shall cover some of the most distinctive and rare dog breeds, which will enable you to cause quite a stir with your new pet.

It’s no surprise that getting a puppy and sharing the joys of watching it grow can be an extremely rewarding experience; in turn, they are living creatures and hence require extreme attention to detail, just like a new-born child. How do you know which breed may be right for you and your family?

There are quite a few challenges that you will need to face. It takes a lot of patience to train your pup, and it’s absolutely essential that you get this right.

  • Right from establishing your dominance, you need to slowly teach them to socialize with other people. After all you’ll receive flak for an unpleasant or aggressive pet.
  • Teaching them to poop and pee in appropriate places.
  • Making sure that they are on an appropriate diet.
  • Trips to the vet are one of the most expensive aspects of having a dog, and certain breeds can be very high maintenance. Fortunately, it’s possible to have pet insurance from $10 a month which may reduce your financial burden significantly. So it’s recommended that you get one—just to be safe from the unprecedented situation where the financial burden looks too big to cope with.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list:

1. New Guinea Singing Dog

It’s not considered to be a separate breed today by many due to its close relation to the Australian Dingo. Their distinctive melodious howl spanning overtones, achieved by abrupt changes in vocal frequency and voice modulation, make them unique. This has been compared to the song of the humpback whale hence the term “Singing Dog”. They are an intelligent breed with excellent physical abilities and are a good choice for dog-show competitions.

2. Thai Ridgeback

This breed native to Thailand has recently been established as a standardized breed and hence fairly uncommon to the Western world. It gets its name from a ridge of hair on the back which lies in an opposite direction to the rest of its coat. This ridge pattern varies and up to 8 different types have been documented. Originally bred as a hunting and guarding breed they make loyal and intelligent pets.

3. Skye Terrier

They are named after The Isle of Skye in Scotland. Critically endangered at present in the United Kingdom, they were once made popular by Queen Victoria due to their big, feathery ears that stand up like bat wings. The hair on their head may veil their face, so regular combing is required. All these features make them a distinctive breed even today. Being one of the oldest terrier breeds, they enjoy regular walks and love exploring but prefer to stay indoors. Brave and well-mannered, they make very good companions.

4. St. Bernard

Named after the Great St. Bernard travellers’ hostel in Switzerland, they are commonly referred to as the gentle giant of the Alps. Large in size, some of them have gained legendary status for their heroics in rescuing travellers stuck in avalanches. Very similar in appearance to the English mastiff, they were made iconic in classic cartoons and movies like Peter Pan as rescue dogs with a small barrel of brandy around their necks. Patient in nature, they make great guarding dogs and are especially careful with children.

5. Xoloitzcuintli

While the name itself is quite the mouthful, it is commonly referred to as the Mexican hairless dog or Xolo. Instantly recognizable due to bat-like ears, a long neck, and a complete absence of body hair, it has smooth yet tough skin. Breeds with sparse, short coats also exist. Ancient and rare, it was one of the earliest breeds to be recorded by the American Kennel Club. A very intelligent breed, they have a gentle demeanor, are loyal and their face is said to wrinkle when in thought. They are more suited for experienced dog owners and need proper training to avoid behavioral issues. They demand regular exercise.

6. Bedlington Terrier

You’ve heard about a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but the Bedlington terrier literally resembles a dog in lamb’s clothing. Extremely cute to look, and a cuddly companion, they are well known as a non-shedding, hypoallergenic breed as well as have low body odor. Surprisingly athletic despite their appearance, they have been used for dog-fighting and are fast runners. Intelligent and tenacious, they can be occasionally temperamental. If you’re looking for a small hypoallergenic breed that isn’t this particular one, we have 25 cuties that might be more up your alley’.  

There you have it: 6 unique breeds that are sure to make you and your pet stand out.

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