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Dogs are indeed the most innocent, loving and lively creatures the God has ever created. Owning a dog is still a dream of many, incomplete, because of the disagreeing parents. You might have a genuine reason to invest your time into a dog but your unbalanced routine, they might not allow you. Students mostly demand to bring a dog into the house, but sadly, because of their busy schedule, laid-back and lazy behavior, their parents don’t agree. Petting a dog is an easy job and this article will bring to your notice all the aspects you need to manage before even thinking of convincing your parents to bring on this full time responsibility of a dog. Here are the points which you must ensure if you really want to convince your parents for the same.

Show your parents that you can manage your routine well

Mostly, parents are not aware of the true potential of their children; however, it makes them believe that the children are not capable of take such a huge responsibility of having a dog. Therefore, here you need to express your true potential to your parents not only because you are in a need of it but because your parents must know about you. If you expect your parents to allow you bring a dog to your house when you wake up at 10, use your phone whole day, and don’t follow a proper schedule, then I think your parents are probably correct. If you want to look after a dog, then you must plan, build, and implement a routine to make your parents believe that you are serious about life and owning a dog, of course. But remember; don’t do all this only because you want a dog, plan because it would benefit you in general as well. And it doesn’t hurt either that you’ve done the research especially if you have other young children in the home to have a dog breed that is great with kids.

Prove that you are responsible

Like I mentioned in the point above, if you wake up late in the morning and expect your people to take responsibility of another dependant creature, then they are probably correct here. So if you really want to provide a home to a voiceless innocence creature, you have to make sure that you responsible towards one. There are many people from around the world who pet not 1 or 2 but 4 to 5 dogs at the same time and they don’t find it difficult to manage their routine along with them. Therefore, before you bring just one at home, become responsible towards your life, career, your pet, family, and towards your outlook, so your parents can at least think of agreeing with you rather than just bluntly saying no.

Do your research

Think, understand which breed is suitable for you and your family. If someone in your family is scared of a dog and you want to own a dangerous breed of dog, then you must drop the idea. In a few parts of India, summers could be quite severe and I have seen some people pet a Siberian husky who become dead sick because of the unfavorable weather conditions. Huskies are created to be living in extremely cold and harsh environment and some people because of their fun, risk the lives of these innocent dogs. Therefore, before bringing a dog, do a detailed research and then pet one.

Manage expenses that comes along with dog duty

Petting a dog comes with a lot of expenses such as, medical, food, and what not. You wish to pet a dog and expect your parents to pay bills of it. Believe me, this is not a good idea! And if this is your plan, don’t even approach your parents, they might kick you out of the house! Dogs do come with huge responsibility but huge bills as well. Like humans, dogs also require food, clothes, a little cozy house to snuggle, medicines, medical care etc. Don’t just bring a dog because you love playing with them. Be ready to witness other requirements too.

Manage challenges that come along

I am sure the first question your parents would ask when you request them to pet a dog would be, ‘who will clean its’ shit?’ and they have a point. Would you clean? Or ask yourself can you if you pet a dog? Dogs are smart, loyal but so much to be able to sit on a commode like humans do. This is just one aspect, there would quite a many. Cleaning up poo, taking the dogs for a walk, who will take care of them when you all go on an outing? And many other challenges as well.

Talk up positives of owning a dog

Having a dog would be fun but it does have other perks too. We have all so caught up in our life, job and careers that we have forgotten to spend quality time with our family and if by chance you get time, you waste it scrolling your social media. Having a dog brings you all together, at one time, and bonds you all like never before. Likewise I mentioned in a point that you need to take you dog for a walk more often as you can’t keep it in a cage, it ensure physical activity of you and your family members which you all had forgot due to your ‘caught up schedule’. Dogs teach you many things (not barking in the middle of the night of course), dogs teach you responsibility, how to love unconditionally and many other life aspects given that you must have an eye to look at it. Talk about all these positive of owning a dog while you try to convince your parents.

Ensure that you follow all these points and then convince your parents to pet a dog but don’t force your decision on them, if they say no, wait for them to understand and accept.

When it comes to writing, she believes that the simplest form of words can help build betteropinion in front of people. With this thought, Garima Aggarwal is an aspiring content writer working in the field for last 2 years. Currently, she is working for TABSCAP. Being from the journalism background, she is passionate to write about topics related to lifestyle, health, and digital marketing.

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