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Pet wellness is now a trend for many pet owners. Significantly, more affection has been drawn towards the use of CBD oil for dogs. We all want the best for our pets. But, how much do you understand about CBD oils?

Well, cannabidiol is a compound that is found in cannabis. It gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. For dogs, it is believed that it can treat pain and control seizures. If you decide to try CBD treatment for your dog, there are few ideas to have in mind when making a buy. Since not all oils are the same, here is how to pick the right CBD for an excellent working chance;

Go for Organic Hemp

Most of us understand that organic matters when it comes to certain types of foods for our consumption. Well, for our pets, organic should also matter. Cannabis grown in various areas can pull toxins from the soil. Therefore, choosing organically grown Hemp is crucial.

To understand if Hemp is organic, look at its source because most of the Hemp sold in retails is imported from countries with low environmental protection standards and heavy metal pollution histories. Brands close to home are safe and fresh. Check out to know more about CBD.

Find out the Extraction Method Used

Some companies use cheap methods to extract CBD, and this can be harmful to your dog. Solvents such as propane and butane are toxic. Be on the lookout to purchase CBD from companies that use the right extraction methods.

The best extraction method should involve using organic ethanol to yield high amounts of CBD or CO2 under high pressure. Cannabidiol extracted with the above techniques is considered pure and will maximize benefits on your pet.

The Ailment Type

CBD for dogs comes in several forms. They include treats, oils, and creams. The efficacy of each method depends on the ailment type. For instance, a Colorado University study found out that dogs with epilepsy given CBD oil orally were more effective than a cream or gel capsule.

However, an extra examination is required before any ends can be made. A preceding study on pooches with osteoarthritis showed that that the most operative dose for growing the dogs’ relaxation and activity levels was 2 mg per kg of mass.

Dog Breed

Dogs will respond differently to CBD depending on their ailments. Various dog breeds are prone to suffer from different illnesses. However, let’s note that any breed can suffer from any conditions, and CBD can help.

Labrador retrievers can suffer from obesity, and CBD oil will reduce inflammation and pain while still making the dog active. For German Shepherds, Hip Dysplasia is expected, which necessitates CBD oil for treating joint pain and arthritis. For Golden Retrievers, CBD can help reduce anxiety, while French bulldogs can be helped to calm the itching caused by allergies.

Consider the Method in Which the CBD is Emulsified

The excellence of CBD oil differs significantly. The best factor to determine the quality and effectiveness of a CBD oil is through understanding the method in which it was emulsified. A quality CBD oil with Liposomal Emulsion, which means they have smaller particles for good absorption. However, they are costly.

Avoid Standard Emulsion because their large particles have poor absorption standards and are of low quality. You can equally go for Nano-Sized Emulsion as they have the smallest particles that have excellent absorption. However, we have very few CBD brands with oils produced using this structure.

Go for Oil with Zero Detectable THC

CBD from Hemp should contain low THC levels of below 3%. THC, fully known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main compound in cannabis that yields high sensation. The right product should contain zero detectable THC on the certificate of analysis.

Dogs react much more contrarily to THC than humans. Therefore, even the smallest detectable THC can have adverse effects on small animals.

The above points will guide you through buying, helping you choose a product that will create the most impact on your dog’s health. The CBD industry is massively growing and remains untamed. So selecting the best CBD for your pet can be difficult. Although choosing the right cannabidiol is an individual decision, consider choosing with the above options in mind. You will never go wrong.

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