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Pet adoption rates are at an all time high. Families all over the country are welcoming furry friends into their homes and making them a part of the family. Animal lovers always feel like their house just isn’t a home unless there’s a cat or dog there to warm their hearts.

As much as people love their pets like they are part of the family, only 1 in 4 families are able to afford the proper veterinary care that their pet needs. The impact of COVID-19 has put even more stress on families with financial barriers, especially when it comes to providing the right care for their pets. 

Pumpkin Care firmly believes that all pets should have medical care. If your pet gets sick or injured, the financial aspect shouldn’t be in the way when it comes to getting them help. Thanks to Pumpkin Care, your pet can get the best care possible and you won’t have to worry about the costs.

What Does Pumpkin Care Do?

Did you know that the average pet emergency could leave you with a $1,000 bill? Yikes! The majority of Americans can’t afford to cover that when something goes wrong. Pumpkin Care provides insurance for pets across the country, so pet owners can have full coverage for any treatment their pet may need. They will never have to say no to an operation they can’t afford.

They work with veterinarians across the country to create care packs to help cover all of your pet’s annual needs, such as vaccines, wellness exams, and screening tests. All of the families whose pets are covered by Pumpkin Care won’t have to worry about how they are going to cover their pet’s health and wellness needs again. 

Whether your pet is a cat or a dog, young or old, mixed or pure-bred, they are all going to recieve the same great coverage. Less than two percent of pets across the US has pet insurance, and Pumpkin Care is working to change that. Your animal’s wellness shouldn’t leave you broke. 

Pumpkin Care offers pet owners 90 % reimbursement rate on their vet bills with an annual limit of $7,000 for cats and $10,000 for dogs. You can always say yes to getting your pet the best. Their insurance covers:

  • Accident and Illnesses
  • Diagnosis and Treatments
  • Emergencies and Hospitalization
  • Prescription Medicine
  • Surgery or Specialized Care
  • Dental and Gum Disease
  • Hereditary Care
  • Sick Visit Exam Fees
  • Advanced Care
  • Behavior Issues
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Prescription Food

Dogs: With Pumpkin Care dogs will receive their annual wellness exam along with vaccines and tests. It covers up to 2 vaccines per year, chosen by you and your vet. Each year it will cover 1 blood test and 1 fecal poop test to check for various diseases. 

Cats: Every year your cat will be covered for their annual wellness exam complete with tests and 1 vaccine chosen by you and your vet. They will also be covered for a fecal poop test to check for worms and other diseases. 

How Is Pumpkin Care Taking Care Of Pets? Final Thoughts

Pet owners can take a load of financial stress of their shoulders with Pumpkin Care. They are a company ran by animal lovers and are completely focused on getting the best care possible for pets across the country. It is their mission to make sure every pet is eligible for the best health care possible. 

No pet owner should have to turn down care for their furry friend because the cost is too high. Pumpkin Care makes it possible for every family to get their pet the care they need.

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