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How to Make a Lost Pet Poster

If your pet is missing, putting up posters is one of the most effective steps you can take to help bring them home quickly. If your pet is missing, treat it as an emergency. The quicker you get the word out, the better the odds of seeing your pet returned safely.

The Shadow app is a great resource to send out a community alert to help find lost dogs in new york. The app will also help generate a Missing Pet flyer that you can print and distribute right away. The app also creates a customized action plan for steps to take in finding your pet.

If you prefer to make the poster yourself, follow these easy tips:

  • Pick the most recent and clear picture of your pet.
  • Use white paper, but print a brightly colored border around the edges. You want to draw attention to the flyer.
  • Choose a bold font.
  • Offer a reward for your pet’s safe return.
  • Put REWARD in large type. Do not put the amount of the reward. Opinions differ on this, but a large reward could entice someone to hold your pet, expecting the reward to go up.
  • Add the picture of your pet.
  • Put your contact information such as first name and phone number.

You may also want to purchase highly visible poster boards. Use a page protector to insert your flyer and then attach it to the poster board. Use markers to write eye-catching words like MISSING, and REWARD OFFERED on to the poster board. Use these larger signs at busy intersections or stop signs.

Once you have the posters printed, put them up all around the area where your pet went missing. Take one to each shelter in your area and ask to file a missing pet report. Revisit shelters if your pet is not found within a couple of days. Shelter staff are often overworked, and your pet could end up there without being identified. Take one to each veterinarian’s office in your area as well and ask if they will display it or keep it on file in case someone brings your pet in for medical treatment or to scan for a microchip.

Consider making a lost dog sign before your pet goes missing. Time is crucial. If all you need to do are make copies and start putting them up, you will save valuable time. Don’t underestimate the number of copies you will need. You will want to put them on every available pole and intersection. You need copies for shelters and veterinarians, and you will also want copies for every neighbor willing to keep an eye out.  Depending on the size of the area you need to cover, consider 200 copies as a good starting point. Revisit and replace signs that get taken down or damaged.

Have friends and family members help you during this process, if possible. Ideally, one person can work on designing the sign and having copies made. That leaves you free to walk the area where your dog was last seen calling to them gently. Re-visit the area in ever-widening circles. Remember, a dog that ran off may be frightened by new surroundings and hiding.

Once the posters and flyers are ready to go up, use that time to continue searching for your pet. Ask anyone you see outside walking to keep an eye out for your pet as well. Give them a flyer and ask that they contact you if they spot your pet.  Even if they can’t make contact, it will let you focus your search if someone sees your lost pet. Definitely talk to those out walking their pets. They have a pet, so they will probably be sympathetic. They are also likely to walk the same area every day, so they have increased odds of spotting your pet.

Once you have made and distributed posters and contacted shelters, it is time to turn to social media. Post your lost pet on your personal page, but also search for lost and found pet sites in your area. Post a picture and your contact information on each site. Spend time making sure no one has listed your pet as a found pet. Check back frequently, and bump your post at least once a day.

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