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Gargoyle Geckos (Rhacodactylus auriculatus) are originally from New Caledonia, a group of islands between Australia and Fiji. They are ideally reptile pets for beginners with easy-to-meet and simple requirements. 

The gargoyle gecko dwells primarily on the trees. They make outstanding displays in the natural environment or captivity. They are named for the bumpy heads that can look like ears or horns. 

Biological Structure 

These gargoyle geckos come with a triangular-shaped head, semi-prehensile tail, and cranial bumps resembling ears or horns. They can be found naturally in brown, grey, and red shades, but the private breeders have refined these into many pattern morphs and colors.

The geckos are most commonly found in New Guinea’s far south, and deforestation poses a threat to their existence.

So if you desire to keep a gecko as a pet, here is a guide to preparing an ideal terrarium where your pet can find its true abode.

How to Prepare an Ideal Terrarium for Gargoyle Gecko?

  1. Housing – 20–gallon terrarium is ideal for adult geckos, especially if you have more than one. However, for a juvenile gecko, a 10-gallon terrarium is more than enough.

Once these are fully grown, they need a good amount of vertical room to exercise and hunt. So a taller terrarium is always preferred to a shorter one. A wire mesh reptile cage is also ideal if you live in a humid region. The male gargoyle geckos are quite possessive about their territories. They do not like to live with other male geckos, so it is always advisable to house male and female geckos together.

You can purchase a plethora of materials for the geckos to rest upon and climb on. In this case, you can use driftwood, bamboo, vines, branches, and cork flats. If you can provide a variety of live and artificial, weight-supporting plants to mimic natural habitat, they will offer the right hiding places. That will keep them healthier and more relaxed.

  1. Temperature and Lighting – The temperature should remain between 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit for the major portion of the year. You can place a small (50 watts bulb is enough) wattage basking heat lamp in the far end of the tank. This will benefit your geckos. The basking spot temperature must not be more than 85 degrees. You should also ensure that the gecko can retreat to a cooler area when it feels the heat. Though UVB lighting is not necessary, it can be used. A 2.0 linear or compact fluorescent bulb will provide a sufficient amount of UVA or UVB if you choose to use one.
  2. The substrate in Terrarium – For the best gargoyle gecko care, it is best to go for a substrate that holds the humidity and enables a more natural look for the best gargoyle care. For example, coconut fibers, peat moss, or cypress mulch are all superb options. These are also great options if you want to keep live plants in the terrarium. 

Avoid particulate substrates if you have juvenile or baby geckos, then. The young gecko can attempt to eat that, and they can get sick. Instead, paper towels are much easier to clean and are cheaper. You have to replace them weekly if you are using paper towels.

Keep the above in mind and give your gargoyle gecko the perfect habitat where they can thrive and grow without any issue. 

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