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What Are the Safest Ways to Feed Cucumbers to Your Hamster?

By February 27, 2021No Comments

Hamsters are cute, popular, and easy-to-maintain pets. If you’re reading this article, you probably own a sweet, furry hamster and want to know what foods you can feed it without upsetting its sensitive stomach. So, can hamsters have cucumbers? Yes, they absolutely can! Hamsters love munching on cucumbers.

 Nutrients in a Cucumber

Cucumber, native to India, is widespread and grown all over the world today. They are versatile and are used for several foods. Cucumbers are pickled, grilled, salted, but more often than not, they are eaten raw. This makes it a good food choice for your hamster.


They are packed with vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and copper besides carbohydrates and are incredibly nutritious. So cucumber can be very energizing for hamsters. However, the best thing is, cucumbers contain very few calories and high water content making them a perfect snack for your pet. 

How to Feed Cucumber to Your Hamster

While it is safe to say your hamster can eat cucumbers, you should know exactly how to feed it to them. They should also not be overfed. So, how can hamsters have cucumbers?


Washed and Peeled

Wash and peel off the skin of cucumbers before feeding it to your hamster. This helps minimize the level of pesticides that enters your hamster’s stomach. They have sensitive dietary requirements, and pesticides and chemicals could hurt their little tummy.


Avoid Salt, Sugar, Sweeteners, and Sauces

While you can pickle cucumbers in salt, you cannot feed pickles to your hamster. Salt, sugar, and sauces could be dangerous for your hamsters’ sensitive stomach. Salt will also lead to dehydration.


Also, refrain from feeding your hamster cucumber juice.


Feed in Moderation


Any food should only be fed in moderation to your hamster. Also, make sure you cut the cucumber into small pieces before offering it to your hamster. It won’t require more than three moderate size slices of cucumbers. Make sure there are no sharp edges that can hurt your hamster’s stomach. 


It is also best not to feed your hamster cucumbers more than twice a week. If your hamster falls sick from overeating cucumber, consult your vet immediately. Overfeeding can also lead to obesity in hamsters.


Can All Hamsters Eat Cucumbers?

There are two common breeds of hamsters, namely, Dwarf and Syrian. Cucumbers are safe for both these breeds. Baby hamsters have even more sensitive digestive requirements and thus should be fed more cautiously. However, cucumbers are considered safe for baby hamsters as well. It’s fair to say cucumbers are safe for all types of hamsters.


Cucumbers Are Good for Your Hamsters


Cucumbers make an excellent dietary choice for your hamster. They work great as a weekly treat for your pet. Silica present in cucumber adds strength to your hamster’s connecting tissues and will help regulate your pet’s blood levels. They will also protect your hamster from heat strokes. 


Add Variety to Your Hamster’s Diet


Although cucumbers are a great addition to your pet rodent’s diet, you should also make sure your pet eats a variety of food. This will keep your hamster fit and healthy.

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