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As the number of pets (okay, dogs) travelling around town with their humans (or shared office space) is on the steady incline- it can sometimes be a challenge to secure a reliable car service in a pinch or for events well planned ahead!
As it exists many NYCers prefer to use Uber, Lyft of Juno for their personal transportation needs and these companies have made the ease of ordering a car through an app very convenient.  Though most of the time there is not an issue with getting a driver to take you and your pet (especially if they are in a carrier or tote) this is not 100% of a guarantee in part due to the pet policy and in part due to enforcement.
With the shared rides some drivers may refuse to take dogs because other passengers may be afraid or allergic.  If you haven’t made arrangements with Uber in advance and they show up & don’t want to take the dog, you may be charged for the trip anyway.  If you are lucky you can flag down a yellow cab while you wait for your ride to cover your bases in an emergency but this can take a long time, especially if you have a large dog.
Even with Uber, Lyft and other share ride services helping support us transporting our pets to and fro, there is no guarantee that they will transport you and your precious pet to said destination. That is why it is extremely beneficial to choose a pet taxi or pet chauffeur company to avoid the possibility of a driver cancelling or changing their mind at the last moment.  According to Uber’s Pet Policy they recommend to contact the driver ahead of time to see if they agree to accommodate your pet.
Personal chauffeur services recommend following these protocols when booking a ride– also encourage you follow these guidelines (provide a blanket or sheet of some sort to manage the shedding or transfer of pet allergens) and some other ones like calling ahead.  Sometimes, it’s in a pinch it’s just a luxury dog parents can’t afford (especially if it’s an emergency). Further compounding issues are  emergency vet visits during rush hour in NYC or a middle of the night vet visit to urgent care.

Nina and Journey.

For service dogs, customers are not required to follow these guidelines as they are protected by law, however it is still up to the individual driver to accept or not (consequences are abound).  It is also recommended that those who are bending the laws and claiming their dogs are service animals but really are not can make it easier on actual service dog owners.
On a lighter and less urgent note, (but none less important) are those who are coordinating the arrival of their new family member from overseas or another state- be it a rescue from a Korean Dog Meat Market or a street dog from Puerto Rico or a puppy mill bust in Jersey.  For those families who have puppies being flown in from all over the world to their new human family– finding a service that caters to pet transportation can become you and your new best friend’s best friend in deed.  Canine Car takes care of the transport from airport to home.
Alice started Canine Car, a full service pet transport company in NYC, when she was having trouble getting a taxi ride for her and her pup Jazmine (who sometimes rides shot-gun and sometimes works from home depending on if the client being picked up wants a buddy in the car or prefers to ride shot-gun!  Fur on the seat, no problem! Your dog likes to look out the window and let the breeze blow his/her fur (this is what life is all about), let the breeze wash over your pet!  Need your pet to walk down the aisle at your wedding then get escorted back home to the comfort of a familar space while you concentrate on celebrating- Canine Car covers all special occassions your pet will be participating in.

Mention New York Dog Nanny and receive 10% off Your Pet’s First Ride.  This feature was written by Cynthia Okimoto at New York Dog Nanny. We also participate as an Amazon Affiliate. Your purchasing through our links helps support our research and recommendations.

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