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Is Nanny Cam Your Best Pet Sitter?

What do you do if you need to leave your pet alone at home? You may need to go to work, grocery shopping, or dine out. But you also need to know if your pet dog is safe in the comfort of your home. Fear not, as pet cameras have come to the rescue.

A pet camera, also known as a nanny cam, comes with many useful features that will put your mind at ease. You can mount these cameras at key places in your house and then watch your pet in real time while you are away at work or shopping. Some models even come with a sound detection system that gets activated as soon as your dog barks or makes any kind of noise. This is useful when you are at home but cannot tend to your dog, such as while asleep. The camera will alert you whenever your dog begins to bark because they are feeling hungry, irritated to simply craving for some attention.

The pet camera allows you to watch live streams of your pet throughout the day in extremely sharp resolution—1080p is typical for such cameras. In addition to this, there are other features that make these cameras useful for all dog owners. If your pet camera is fitted with a speaker, you can dial in using your phone and speak to your pet. They will feel calm and assured that you are keeping a watch on them. You can watch videos using night vision so you always know where your pet is even late at night. These cameras are also equipped with a motion detector system that activates live streaming as soon as your dog enters the field of vision of the camera. In fact, some models even come with a treat dispenser so your dog can satisfy its cravings for a doggy treat even when you aren’t around.

You can even connect this camera to the cloud storage. When you do this, all the activities recorded on the camera are immediately stored on the cloud. But this functionality comes at an additional price which you might have to pay as a subscription fee. When you choose a pet camera for your dog, you need to choose one that has a wide angle viewing so that your pet is never out of your sight, even for a second. Such cameras usually come with a swivel feature which allows them to move a complete 360 degrees to follow your pet’s movements nonstop. It goes without saying that the more features you opt for, the price of the camera automatically goes up. Less pricey cameras come with basic recording features and a decent resolution rate, but you won’t get any of the frills like audio sensing and treat dispensers. They also make some noise when rotating or swivelling, which might cause some discomfort to your pet and make it conscious. Another issue with the cheaper models is that they suffer from lag. This means that the images are delivered to your phone with some seconds of delay which might be a cause of concern if your pet is in some kind of danger.

Ever miss playing with your dog when you’re not at home. Well, the newer pet cameras allow you to spend some quality time with your little dog even when you’re away at work. These cameras are fitted with a laser which you can control through your smartphone. You can move the laser to point in different directions and have fun watching your pet tries trying to grab the light.

Thanks to social media connectivity, you can even upload recordings and pictures of your pet from the pet camera directly to your social media pages. Additionally, you can also save these recordings directly on your phone or on an EL tape.

Whichever model you buy, remember to install it correctly. It is good practice to fix it at eye level for your pet since you will get a clear view of your pet. Generally, avoid placing your camera too high and away from windows and other sources of indoor light as these can distort the view. Also, initially, you might need to spend some time with your pet and the camera so that they feel comfortable around it.

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