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It doesn’t matter if you own a dog, cat, snake, rabbit, or a fish, having a pet is pretty awesome. And with so many animals, each and every one of us chooses the animal that they have a special connection with. There are even some people who have tigers as pets!

But if you are going to bring in an animal to your home for the first time in your life, and you have no experience whatsoever on the topic, maybe you should start thinking a bit more about how you’re going to take care of your new best friend and how much it’s going to cost you.

That’s why we’ve formed a guide of sorts that isn’t just about having a dog or a cat, but rather common things that you have to take care of before you get yourself a pet. So, let’s go over the five things you have to think about.

You’ll have to feed your pet, so make sure you have the right food.

This is most likely the first thing that comes to mind when you start thinking about having a pet. After all, food is the biggest cost factor for a pet. And while according to Momchil from Aquaanswers, most aquarium fish can go around a week without food, neither fish nor dogs cats or any other type of pet should be left without food even for a day.

It’s always best if you have a week’s worth of food stored at home, plus some nutritious snacks just to make sure you have enough, even if you forget to buy. And for most pets, it isn’t very healthy to consume human food, so it’s best to keep strict with their diet.

If you own a dog or a cat, you’ll have to pet-proof your home.

While smaller pets are easier to take care of, larger dog breeds and all cats can access a lot more places than you can imagine.

They can reach and even walk on top of cabinets, climb, jump, and occasionally they can get hurt, or eat something they shouldn’t if you don’t make sure everything is pet-proofed in your home.

That’s why it’s always best to keep anything that can harm them inside cabinets, and if possible to teach them not to go on top of your stove for example, as it can get hot.

You have to be stubborn, mostly because animals are stubborn in order to teach them, but if you are persistent, you might find yourself owning a pet that you shouldn’t worry about too much.

It’s always better to assume the pet isn’t house trained.

Especially when you first get your pet, it’s best to be prepared that they can tear your sofa or a chair.

There’s also the case of peeing throughout your home, as well as the occasional poop.

But that’s normal for all animals and pets, and as its owner is your duty to teach them where to go to the toilet.

You’ll have to come up with a routine, as it’s important for them too.

Routines are as important to us as they are to animals. Having a well defined daily routine can help with house training your pet and building habits that will stick for life.

You’ll be surprised that if you own a dog two daily walks will spare you the pooping at home. Dogs will prefer to go to the loo outside anyways.

So, build a daily routine that fits your schedule and follow it religiously.

You’ll have to set aside a monthly budget for your new friend.

Money is a big factor that will most likely define the pet that you can afford. Ordinary cats for example are pretty affordable to care for, requiring very little.

However some dog breeds, snakes, and fish can be a bit more expensive to have. The reason can vary from the food that they need to grooming, or even the constant care and cleaning and working of an aquarium.

In order to know roughly how much it’s going to cost you to own a pet, it’s best to discuss with other people that care for that animal. They are going to be able to give you a cost approximation.

But keep in mind that having a pet is a lot more than the problems that may arise. You are earning a true friend for life, and it’s really amazing when you have something to care for. So, don’t let any of the negatives outweigh the positives.

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