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Here are some of our top trails that are ideal for 3-5 hour hikes! Be sure to bring double the amount of water that you would consume for your pup!! Last year tick season was at a record high, so be sure to prepare your pet with homemade or ready made tick prevention including sprays, a tick comb, hand sanitizer and internet to watch youtube on how to pull ticks out safely!

  1. Sloatsburg. These trails are easily accessible by Metro North and have a nice predominantly shaded forest to beat the heat.  There are trails along the stream which add for a nice chance to sit down and watch the water flow and listen to running water. Be sure to look out for snakes and don’t let your pup drink from the stream if possible!
  2. Cold Spring, NY. There are several trails that range from 30 mins to 5-7 hours. Whether you and your pup are absolute beginners to hiking or advanced there are trails for you. The shortest trail is just off the Metro North station called the West Point Foundry Preserve.
  3. Dobbs Ferry. Enjoy a nearly flat trail (except for the staircase down, 10 steps) on the Old Croton Aquaduct Trail (OCT) with your pup.  This is accessible by Metro North.
  4. Beacon is another favorite if you can stand the 20 mins of switchbacks! Plenty of dog swag on the way up though!
  5. Sterling Forest Park offers a medium and an easy-medium sized trail where for beginning NYC dogs and hikers make for an easy hike.  The lake trail is a loop that takes 2.5 hours and has stunning lake views (as well as beautiful swamp-like views depending on rainfall) with a few mystical like spots along the trail.  The other trail is to the “top” of the mountain which is not too steep at all.  Good hiking shoes are required as your toes can jam from regular sneaks when coming down the mountain.
  6. Here is a list compiled for beginners to hiking.

Lastly, not in the NYC area, no problem, hiking anywhere can be a great bonding activity between you and your dog-hiking not only can help meet some of your dogs exercise needs, but sniffing needs too (as they are one of the needs that keeps dogs mentally stimulated and happy- so don’t skimp).  ! And remember, nothing contributes to a successful hike like proper hiking gear for humans and dogs as well as knowing that in case of injury or helicopter parenting 24/hours- you can contact your consulting dog nurse/vet tech 24/7.

This blog post was written by Cynthia Okimoto of New York Dog Nanny. To be a guest blogger please submit your writing sample to

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