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If you are a pet owner, you know very well how much they can take over your home—in a good way. But also, it is a way that turns your home into a mishmash of toys, leashes, treats, and toys. The important thing is to stay on top of the mess. So, organize your home before chaos takes over. Depending on the size and the layout of your home, there are many different ways of doing that. We have got you covered with some simple ideas for organizing pet supplies and toys. 

Where to Begin?

Getting started with clearing up a large amount of mess that has been piling on for months or years can be daunting. But the crucial part is to begin. However small your first step is, it is an important one. It will set you in motion and keep you motivated to continue.

  • If your clutter is quite large and all over your home, start with one room at a time. If you go for the whole house at once, you will get overwhelmed and give up. Gather all the items in each room and figure out which ones you want to keep. Without a doubt, lots of toys and accessories have seen better days, and you should finally get rid of them. When they become overused, replace them, don’t hold onto them forever. We know you want to keep your dog happy, but you also want it healthy. All those germs gathering in the chewable toys—not worth it. To reduce more clutter, gift the ones your pet does not use. You will make another pet happy and free up valuable space in your home.
  • If you do not have such a large amount of toy accessories, gather all of them in one room and start separating. Decide on the ones that you will throw out and also start creating categories for easier access. For example, everyday toys, chewable toys, outdoor accessories, etc. Afterward, you can decide on the stations and types of containers you want to keep everything in.

Organizing Pet Supplies and Toys in Your Home

Now that you have cleared out all the redundant and overused items, you may be stuck on how exactly to organize everything. Try to categorize your pet items into smaller groups. Think of those daily activities with your dog. They may include feeding, walking, grooming, and sleeping—for instance. These activities will help you think of those categories and possibly organize everything accordingly. After that, think of the areas in the house where those activities take place. This way, you can create convenient storage areas and develop a system that will make everyday activities as easy and convenient as possible.

Start by Crafting a Dog Walking Accessories Station

Walking your dog is one of the daily activities that you might be rushed to do. It might be very early in the morning, or your dog will hurry you to get out fast. You want to have everything you need in one place, and most conveniently, by the entrance. This way, you can grab everything as you leave and put it right back as you enter. Ideally, you would want to create an area by the door to hang the leashes and store the balls and outdoor toys.

A small black dachshund on a leash looking up

Organizing a walking station by the entrance will make your life easier

If you do not have a lot of space or a big budget, a few hooks will do the trick. You could hang all your leashes on them. Additionally, hang some totes or hanging storage organizers with separate compartments that do not take too much space. You can put all the dog accessories in there and conveniently have them where you need them and whenever you need them. Also, make it a habit to always return everything in place as soon as you get back from your walk. This routine will help you stay on top of all your outdoor accessories.

Create an Easy Access Food Station for Your Pet

Maybe you are already organized, or perhaps you put your pet food wherever you find a space in the kitchen. For easy access and inventory, designate an area in your kitchen or pantry for all your pet supplies. If you lack drawers or cupboard space, use separate containers or jars and stack them together. Label them for easy handling, and voila—you are all set.

Dedicating an area for pet supplies is great for convenience and inventory

If you have space to spare in your home, it would be even better to have a feeding corner for your pet. You could keep all the food and treats here and make it easy to transfer into the feeding bowls. It could be integrated into your existing shelf, or you can have it custom-made. Ideally, you would be able to open and close this compartment so that it is not always in the way. Alternatively, set up a tray on the floor where you can place the feeding bowls. It will be easy for you to clean regularly and you will not have food and water everywhere.

Organizing your Pet’s Toys 

We know you love your pet, but do not let its toys take over your home. It is very easy to overdo it with toys and accessories. It is especially difficult to control if your friends and family are overzealous with pet gifts. Those things can pile up fast. If they are all over the place, you will never be able to find them when you need them. Plus, your home will be, obviously, quite messy. Let’s look at some ways you can keep things neat and organized.

  1. Quite simply, collect all the toys in a large box, container, wooden crate, or whatever you have available. Alternatively, purchase some containers for this purpose—there are plenty of options out there. Many are specifically designed for pet toys and will come with designated compartments or in cute shapes and with images so that you do not mistake them for anything else.
  2. Keep a smaller container in your preferred room in a closet or enclosed container with your favorite dog toys. Your dog will most likely not use all the toys you own daily. Stash the ones it plays with regularly where it is most convenient, where you spend most of your time during the day. It will be your go-to stash, and in the evening, you can easily throw everything back in.
  3. Put baskets or containers in several rooms for easy collection. Use totes or caddies to help you collect toys around the house and then easily distribute them to their selected areas.
  4. Designate toy areas. You do not need to have toys and toy containers in every room. Keep them in corners of those rooms you spend time in and that your dog loves the most.

Plastic Containers for Organizing Pet Supplies and Toys

If you are struggling to come up with ideas on organizing storage for toys and food, there are some easy and inexpensive solutions on the market. For simple access and visibility, plastic containers can help. These are of great help when it comes to separating your toys and dog accessories. They are durable and convenient to label and store. The same goes for food. If you do not have enough space in your kitchen or pantry cupboards, the plastic containers will make your life easier.

Pet Grooming 

Depending on how often you wash your pet or whether you do it indoors or outdoors, you might not want to have all the grooming accessories always on display. But, you want them to be all in one place for easy access whenever you need them. Consider designating a caddy or a bag for this purpose. Fill it up with all the products you regularly use, like brushes, shampoos, and nail clippers, and keep it where it is convenient for you. You can also stock it with some first aid items. Whenever you need it, grab it, and you are good to go. The caddy will make it easier to bring everything with you inside, outside, to the bathroom, or even on vacation. It is all in one place, and you do not need to frantically search for individual items every time you need them. 

Keep your grooming accessories in a caddy for easy access and transportation is one of excellent tips for organizing pet supplies and toys

Sleeping Area

To keep your home organized, you may want to create a sleeping area for your dog that is out of the way but still enjoyable for your pet. Think of the part of your home where your dog likes to spend time. It could be the living room, but it could also be the bathroom or the laundry room, where it’s cozy and warm. You could consider integrating your dog’s bed with existing furniture. Maybe there is a bottom shelf that you do not use where you can put a large pillow or a comfy dog bed. Your pet would enjoy some privacy and an area to go to chill, away from crowds.

To Summarize 

Organizing pet supplies and toys in your home may seem like an impossible task, but once you finally do it, it will make your life so much easier. Following our simple ideas, dedicate areas for outdoor accessories, indoor toys, food, and grooming, and your everyday tasks will become much more enjoyable.



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