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We know that humans can be buried or cremated but, what about pets?
For some of us, pets are like family and deserve the same treatment as any human being when the pass away.

Pets can be incinerated either in normal crematories or the ones that are explicitly dedicated for pet incinerations, most of them owned by veterinarians.

The process, step by step

During this procedure, the pet’s body is put in an incineration unit and exposed to high temperatures up to 1400-1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accordingly, the serious warmth and vaporization decrease the natural issue to clean and dried bones. Next, any pins, bars, labels, broken bits of collars, and other metal items are expelled from the residue with the assistance of a magnet or manual examination.

At long last, the cremains are pummeled to get a coarse sand-like powder with uniform consistency, what we know as ashes. These cinders are then poured in a fixed plastic sack, cardboard box, or tin lastly, came back to the proprietor.

As you can see, the goal is to reduce the pet to ashes to keep them in urns or even bury them in a biodegradable urn on your yard. Why? Most of us would love to have them close forever, because, as I said, they’re family to us.

As a rule, these remaining parts are restored that day or following day (except if it is a common incineration).

The incinerated remains are typically pale white in shading. In any case, the shading may change because of specific meds or medical problems.

The ideal opportunity for incineration relies upon the sort of pet you have. For example, incineration of littler creatures, for example, winged creatures, mice, bunnies, hamsters, doesn’t take long.

Then again, bigger creatures like steed, enormous types of pooches, and so on are incinerated in hours. On a normal, however, incineration of a pet may take 45 minutes to two hours for additional.

The heaviness of the incineration remains additionally relies upon the weight and bone structure of your adored pet. Until the procedure of incineration starts, the pet is kept in a refrigerated cooler.

What to do with the ashes?

Some people bury their pets close to their house (typically, the backyard) or even in pet cemeteries. There are two common ways to store the ashes: using a pet urn or pet cremation jewelry.

Pet urns are typically small urns with dog or cat themes. Some of them are even customizable using a dog’s or cat’s photo.

On the other hand, pet cremation jewelry is actual jewelry you can use to store the ashes of your loved pet. There are rings, necklaces, bracelets pendants, keep chains… typically designed with some paws drawn on them. They allow to store part of the ashes so you can keep them really really close and always remember that special friend.

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