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Pet Insurance: Top 3 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know

The insurance market has long offered to take care of your four-legged friend. But not all pet parents are ready to take out insurance. Some believe that this is a waste of money, others hope that nothing dangerous will happen to their pet or rely on their financial capabilities.

But still, pet insurance has a lot of advantages. But only if you will really use it. Usually, you can get back up to 90% of the vet’s bill. Agree, this is better than nothing. Especially considering the amount of money that goes to animal care. Usually, the cost of insurance does not always reach high prices for monthly payments. On average, they are about 30-40 dollars per month.

Nevertheless, insurance is a very tricky industry, especially in the context of spontaneous decisions. That is why we decided to prepare for you the three important things that dog and cat owners should know about it.

1. Realize That Pet Insurance Not a Panacea

The first thing you should know about your pet care insurance is that it is not a panacea for all problems. Many owners believe that if they use this service, they cannot worry about anything.

Hence, you must understand that you will also have to invest in the treatment of your four-legged friend. Moreover, not all insurance packages involve covering 100% of your expenses. It is worth noting that such conditions are generally not widely available. So you should not build empty illusions about insurance.

The cheaper the plan you choose; the less coverage you get. So it’s a mistake to assume that polis will cover all of your medical expenses. Yes, you will get help but not with a 100% guarantee of the coverage. Accordingly, the higher the monthly insurance fee, the higher the amount of coverage.

Typically, companies return for about 80-90% of the bill of the vet. In principle, this is quite a substantial amount, but if you are offered less, then it is worth calculating whether you will lose more on monthly installments.

There are many nuances in the issue of insurance. You must carefully delve into the details of your policy. For example, there are cases when the dog/cat eradicated the disease and was not vaccinated against it. In this case, the insurance will not be valid. But even if your pet has been vaccinated, then there is no guarantee that you will be paid insurance. In general, any policy requires careful study, since then you can meet with many pitfalls. Alas, these are the realities of the insurance market.

2. Pet Age a Key Factor in Insurance and Payout

If you are the owner of a puppy or young dog, then you have all the cards on hand. That is, the sooner you get insurance, the cheaper it will cost and the greater the amount of cover. This is due to the fact that none of the insurance companies will provide you with a guarantee of coverage if the process is already running.

  • For example, if your pet has already been injured and you decide to get a package, you will not receive any coverage, respectively. The same goes for the situation when you understand that your pet’s health worsens due to an illness and take out insurance. For this reason, it is optimal to take out insurance while the pet is still small and healthy. Thus, you will have the opportunity to save your money to get coverage in case of illness.
  • For instance, many companies do not offer 12-year-old pet disease insurance options for dogs and for 14-year-olds cats (ASPCA). A company such as Healthy Paws provides coverage for life, but subject to insurance for an animal under the age of 14 years.

Many experts recommend choosing such types of plans that cover in case of accidents for aged animals or that already have a disease. By the way, there is a company Figo which has no age restrictions for pet insurance.

Also, remember that plans for purebred animals will cost more than with mixed breed. Well, dog insurance will cost much more than an offer for a cat.

3. Get Ready to Interact with One Company

The point is that as soon as you choose the right company and policy, you sign a contract. And this means that you will not be able to use another advantageous offer. Here things are completely different than with travel insurance.

That is why you need to be very careful in choosing both a company and a policy. Especially if you are a foreigner and do not understand all the points that are indicated in the policy. Specialized terminology can cause difficulties for foreigners and provoke some problems in the future. Therefore, if you feel that you do not understand the essence of certain points in the contract or policy, you can find an author in the Online Writers Rating review website who will help you deal with the specifics of the text and even with translation into your native language without loss of meaning.

You should also be prepared for the fact that the company has the right to make any changes to your contract. This is about introducing new exceptions, the size of the coverage and even the increase in payments.

Therefore, you should not immediately conclude an agreement with the first company that you come across. Explore the market, types of policies and conditions that the provider offers. And of course, consider whether it is profitable for you to purchase insurance. Sometimes expenses can cover the benefits of insurance.

The Final Notes

There is no reason to conclude that pet insurance is not needed. What is more, all owners need to approach this service wisely. It is significant to make sure that insurance will bring real help in an emergency, and not be a waste of money. Keeping a pet is expensive, and so a spontaneous decision in insurance is not appropriate. Therefore, remember these three important points when considering providers and different policies.

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