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We all love our pets and would like them to be around as long as possible. Time is a thief and your pet will likely pass on before you do, but that does not mean you can’t remember them fondly through photographs. Better yet, take a memorial a step further with pet portraits from photographs. There is a reason many portraits lack pets in traditional paintings. Pets are difficult to keep still long enough for a painter to capture their images, but thankfully, with the magic of photography, there is no longer a need to attempt to paint a moving pet. Pet portraits from photographs are not merely a fad, but a way of remembering those we have lost and loved. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in pet portraits from photographs in your home.

They Make Great Gifts

Finding the right gift for some is a very big challenge. Throughout the year, birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries require gift exchanges, but sometimes, the right present simply cannot be found. However, often, the most important present we receive on these special occasions cannot be found in a general gift store or even in the average store online. The best gifts come from the heart and when you invest in pet portraits from photographs, you ensure that you are giving a gift that will mean the world to any recipient. If you have a special occasion coming up and want to wow that special someone with a present from the heart, pet portraits form photographs are the way to go.

Pet Portraits from Photographs are Unique

In our world today with so much mass production in existence, it can be difficult to find something that is actually considered unique. Like people, pets have their own individual personality and each one is a unique soul. When you are celebrating someone as an individual, such as a pet, you want something that captures their true essence. Pet portraits from photographs are among the most unique things you can give to the animal lover in your life. Whether you are wanting a pet portrait for yourself or someone you love, each one is just as unique as the pet themselves.

A Stunning Display

Have you ever walked the halls of a museum and clamored over how amazingly stunning portraits of historical figures are? They are true works of art in their own right and you can bring that honor to your pet. People generally place various photos of their pet throughout their home, but rarely do these photographs actually add value to the surrounding décor. Pet portraits from photographs are different. It is the actual image from a photograph, or a composition of that image, beautifully fashioned into a sunning portrait. When you see pet portraits displayed in homes, it seems to bring a certain level of elegance to the space that cannot be found with regular photos.  There are many photography tips that can help make you take a better pic and prepare your pup beforehand such as grooming and a haircut that you won’t want to miss! 

Makes the Pet a Part of the Family

When a real estate is working with a couple to sell their home, they often encourage the family to stage the house. This involves much more than a little cleaning and arranging furniture. The point of staging is to take the individual personality out of the space and make it a place where anyone, at any time could live. It turns the home into a functional space, but also rids it of any personal style that could potentially turn off a buyer. One of the lesser known facts about staging a home is removing all forms of family images and pictures throughout the house.

Why is this important? Our family pictures showcase who is a part of the family and often, one of the more prominent displays in a home is the family portrait. Few photography studios actually encourage families to bring in their pet for family portraits, but if you want to truly showcase the pet as a part of the family, like you claim, you need to have them prominently displayed in their own portrait as well. Pet portraits from photographs allow the pet to really become a part of the family and ensure everyone who enters that home knows it to.

A home without portraits can feel empty and alone and you want your home to depict your own personal style. Pet portraits from photographs are excellent ways to show your pet and the rest of the world how much they are loved. If you have yet to invest in a pet portrait for your furry or feathered friend, what are you waiting for? Pet portraits from photos are easier than ever before to produce and can take your photo to the ultimate level. Add a stunning pet portrait to your home’s décor today and enjoy your pets like never before.


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